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Surname Willibald - Meaning and Origin

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Willibald: What does the surname Willibald mean?

The last name Willibald is a German surname derived from the Old High German elements 'willi', meaning “will,protection,desire” and 'balder', meaning “bold, brave”, hence the name Willibald symbolically translates to “bold defenderof the will”.

The Willibald surname is thought to have originated in Bavaria, Germany some time in the Middle Ages, where it became an established name and was used to mark the descendants of the original Willibald (or Willi-Balder). The Willibald family were well-regarded figures in Bavarian society and went on to spread across the continent, with those bearing the surname forming distinct family branches in countries such as England, France and the Netherlands.

The Willibald surname was bestowed upon people who were seen as proud, brave and strong-willed defenders, with descendents of the original family having gone on to become distinguished figures throughout history. This includes the Prussian War Minister of the 1800s, Karl Wilhelm Graf von Willibald, whose decendants still hold the Willibald surname and have made a substantial contribution to the modern German nation.

In summary, the Willibald last name is a German surname of medieval origin, meaning 'bold defender of the will'. Those bearing the surname are descended from a notable family line in Bavarian and European society, descendants of which include prominent figures who have gone on to contribute to world history.

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Willibald: Where does the name Willibald come from?

The last name Willibald is most commonly found in Austria. It is derived from the Old High German phrase “wilil” meaning desire, and “wald” meaning rule. This indicates a person with a strong sense of command or authority.

The earliest records of the name Willibald date back to the 16th century in Austria, where it is still common today. It is most prevalent in the German-speaking countries of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, although there are some scattered cases throughout Europe. It is also found in small numbers in North and South America, where descendants of Austrian or German immigrants brought the name with them.

The surname Willibald is found most commonly among Catholic populations, as it carries religious connotations. It is associated with Saint Willibald, an 8th-century English scholar and missionary, and is sometimes also seen as a first name in honor of that saint.

Willibald is a fairly strong name, as far as surnames go, and it has been around for centuries. Though not particularly widespread, it is slowly becoming more well-known, particularly in the German-speaking world.

Variations of the surname Willibald

Willibald is a surname of German origin. It is derived from the given name Willibald, which is composed of the Germanic elements 'wil' and 'bold', meaning "resolute". The original form of the name was Willihald, which was eventually Germanized as Willibald.

Variants of Willibald include Willihald, Wilbald, Willbald, Wilbold, Willbold, Williheld, Wiliheld, Willihelt, Willebold, and Willebalt. In addition, some variants feature '-burg' instead of '-bald', such as Willihaldburg, Wilbulbourg, Wilbaldebourg, and Wilboldeburg.

Spellings of Willibald include Willibald, Willihald, Wilbald, Willbald, Wilbold, Willbold, Willebold and Willebalt.

Surnames derived from Willibald are Willibaldi, Willibaldo, Willibaldin, Willibaldi, Wilboldi, Wilboldini, Wilbaldi, Willihaldini.

Overall, there are numerous variants, spellings, and surnames derived from the German name Willibald, varying by region and language. Despite the different spellings and 19th century spelling changes, its origin remains the same.

Famous people with the name Willibald

  • Rudi Willibald: Former international footballer from East Germany.
  • Josef Willibald Grundig: German engineer and business executive who helped modernize radio and television broadcasting in Europe.
  • Hermann von Willibald: Pre-eminent German fencing master in the 16th century.
  • Joseph Willibald Von Alemann: Imperialcipline Advocate General and Private Law Council of the German Imperial Era.
  • Peter Willibald Röhr: German mathematician and astronomer who specialized in the study of orbital mechanisms of comets and planets.
  • Franz Willibald: Late 18th century German theologian and professor of moral science.
  • Luise E. Willibald: 19th century German dramatist and author.
  • Christian Willibald Bichalmaier: 19th century German psalmist.
  • Dagmar Willibald: German rower who won a silver medal for her country at the 1996 Summer Olympics.
  • Willi Willibald: German lyricist and songwriter.

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