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Surname Winckler - Meaning and Origin

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Winckler: What does the surname Winckler mean?

The surname Winckler is of German origin. The name is derived from a topographical surname for someone who lived near a wine press. The word “Winckler” is derived from “winkel” which is the German word for corner or angle.

In early German records, the spelling of the last name “Winckler” can vary greatly, from “Winckler” to “Winkler”, “Winkelre” and even “Wynckler”. In 18th century Germany, individuals bearing this surname were typically craftsmen who built, installed and maintained wine presses.

Outside of Germany, the surname has spread to other countries such as the United States. In the United States, the Wincklers are primarily found in the midwest and southwest. Some of the earliest Winckler settlers in America were Reinhardt and Johannes Winckler, who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1743 and 1748.

The surname Winckler is an enduring symbol of the tight-knit German-American communities throughout the country today. It serves as a reminder of the important cultural and economic role that wine presses have had in shaping the past and present of the German-American diaspora.

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Winckler: Where does the name Winckler come from?

The last name Winckler is generally attributed to East Germany and is thought to have derived from Winkler, an occupational name from several Germanic words meaning “Winner”. In the present day, the surname Winckler is most prevalent in Germany and Austria. In the United States, it is less common, but is primarily found in California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The Winckler surname is believed to have been established during the 12th century and is associated with individuals who worked in a wide variety of professions including craftsmen, laborers, farmers, traders, and merchants. As such, many individuals who had the Winckler existential surname traveled widely across Europe during the Middle Ages.

The surname is still very popular in the 21st century, particularly in Germany and Austria. In 2017, Winckler was the 5,089th most common Austrian surname and the 216th most common surname in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The surname is also present in other parts of Europe, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and the Netherlands. In the United States, Winckler is considerably less common; however, it was ranked 10,099th in 2018.

Whether they are from Germany, Austria, or the United States, individuals with the last name of Winckler are thought to be descended from those who worked in a multitude of trades and professions during the Middle Ages. While the surname has fewer bearers than it did in centuries past, it continues to be an established name in a few countries in the world.

Variations of the surname Winckler

The surname Winckler is derived from the German word “winkel”, meaning corner or angle. It is most likely a reference to the family’s place of origin or their family coat of arms. The surname is also spelled Winkler, Wenckeler, and Winkelmann and can be found in parts of Germany, Austria and Scandinavia.

In English speaking countries, the surname is often spelled Winckler, Winckles, or Winkles, while in German-speaking countries it is most commonly spelled Winkelmann or Wenckeler. In other parts of Europe, variants such as Vinckler, Winckl, Winischer, and Winck have been found.

The surname may also be spelled with an H at the beginning or in between the letters, resulting in the surnames Hinckler, Hwinckles, Hwinckler, and Hwinkelmann.

Some other variants of the surname, which are possibly derived from the Winckler surname, include Wincken, Winken, Vincken, Wilkens, Wilken, Wilcken, Weinken, and Vinxen.

In some cases, the surname may also include suffixes such as –er, –man, –born, –hoff, –schei, or –schwer. For example, the surnames Wincker, Winckman, Winckborn, Winckhoff, Winckschei, and Winckschwer have all been recorded.

The surname Winckler is found all around the world, including in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark, and Norway.

Famous people with the name Winckler

  • Katherine Winckler: an American screenwriter best known for her work on the HBO series Insecure and Dead To Me.
  • Carlos Winckler: professional Brazilian mixed martial artist currently competing in the featherweight division of the Bellator MMA.
  • Robert Winckler: internationally acclaimed American painter and realist sculptor.
  • Bruno Winckler: Swiss explorer, geographer, traveler, cartographer, photographer and mountaineer.
  • Lorenz Winckler: a former Swiss ski mountaineer.
  • Bil Winckler: an American songwriter, singer, and music producer who is best known for his critically-acclaimed solo albums.
  • Sawood Alam Winckler: a Malaysian news anchor and television announcer.
  • Vinci Winckler: Aruban radio presenter, DJ and television personality.
  • Tahir Winskel: a Sri Lankan professional cricketer.
  • Reginald Winckler: a French administrative law writer and radio personality best known for his book "Loi Pinel: L'Art de Gérer l'Immobilier".

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