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Surname Wingfield - Meaning and Origin

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How an iGENEA DNA Test Unearthed My Wingfield Ancestry and Altered My Self-Understanding

Before taking a DNA test with iGENEA, I knew only a limited amount about my Wingfield ancestors. Post-test, the detailed results have provided incredible insights, especially a historical lens into the lives of my past lineage, fundamentally altering my self-understanding and reinforcing my sense of identity.

M. Wingfield

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Wingfield: What does the surname Wingfield mean?

The last name Wingfield is of English origin, derived from the Old English placename Wynfeld, which translates to 'field by the wine'. It is thought to originate from a place in Shropshire, England since it first appears recorded there in the 11th century.

The Wingfield name has a long legacy in English aristocracy, with many important families displaying it. It has been documented that the branches have established inheritance and ownership of large properties, with branches of the same family owning several manors and other significant territoriallordships.

The Wingfield family is said to be one of the oldest and most widespread families of the English gentry, with families bearing the name spread out around the world. Some of the more famous family members include John Wingfield, who wrote a biography about his great-great-grandfather Samuel Browne and the Browne family, and Rev. Wingfield, one of the first evangelists of the Church of England.

The name Wingfield signifies an ambitious family that has done much over many centuries to ensure spiritual and economic stability. To this day, the families who bear it are highly venerated for service and distinction in their respective fields.

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Wingfield: Where does the name Wingfield come from?

The last name Wingfield is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, especially in England. Wingfield is an English surname which has inherited its origins from the old English personal name Wyngfeald or Winefield, which in turn has its roots in the Old English 'winn' meaning 'meadow' or 'enclosed pasture'. Wingfield’s occur most prevalently in the Midlands region of England around places such as Oxfordshire and Worcestershire today, primarily due to immigration in the past. The most common modern variations of the surname are Wingfield, Wingfeild, and Wingfeld.

The Wingfield coat of arms dates back to the 1200s and is a characteristic symbol of the aristocratic branch of the Wingfield line. Today, the Wingfield name is mostly associated with particular areas in England, but can be found all over the world. Given it’s long enduring history, the surname Wingfield still remains popular among descendants of English immigrants who traveled across Europe, the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Wingfield

Wingfield is a location-based surname derived from a place-name. It is an English toponymic surname originating from the various locations known as Wingfield in different Counties in England. Most of these places deriving the name Wingfield are located in the eastern half of England; mainly Norfolk, Suffolk, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire and Berkshire.

Variants for the surname Wingfield include Wimfield, Wynfeld and Wonfield. These all come from east Anglian variations of the name derived from the dialect of Old English. It is subject to a variety of spellings such as Wynfeld, Wonfield, Wellfeld,Wingfielde, Wingafeild, Wengefeld, Wengefield, Wendfield, Wendfeild and Windfield. It can also be spelt Winfield, Wingfild, hangingfeld and the like.

Surnames deriving from the same origin as Wingfield include Wyngfeld, Windfeld, Wynfeld, Weingfeld, Weindfeld and Weintfild. These spellings are particularly seen in North American records, due to the original English settlers of the USA bringing the name over there with them.

Overall, Wingfield is a location-based surname, as explained before, so the variants and spellings all derive from the same place-name of Wingfield in East Anglia. All of the variants and spellings can generally be traced back to this place and thus to the same origin.

Famous people with the name Wingfield

  • Douglas Wingfield, British Actor and Voice Over Artist
  • Will Wingfield, American Sous Chef
  • Alexander Wingfield, English Actor
  • Blade Wingfield, English Drummer
  • William Wingfield, American Star Trek Actor
  • Nigel Wingfield, British Singer
  • Lucy Wingfield, British TV Personality
  • Stephen Wingfield, British Historian
  • Jeff Wingfield, Canadian Singer and Songwriter
  • Tom Wingfield, English Actor
  • Hywel Wingfield, Welsh Guitarist
  • James Wingfield, British Director
  • Grey Wingfield, American Singer
  • Robert Wingfield, British Military Officer
  • Ryan Wingfield, American Politician
  • Sue Wingfield, British Water Polo Player
  • Elliott Wingfield, British Wrestler
  • Don Wingfield, Australian Golfer
  • Hal Wingfield, American Baseball Player
  • Eliza Wingfield, Australian Soccer Player

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