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Surname Winterage - Meaning and Origin

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Winterage: What does the surname Winterage mean?

The last name Winterage is of English origin. It is derived from the Old English word ‘wintrega’, which means ‘the wintry season’. It is thought to have been used to refer to those who lived in a place with particularly bad winters, or those who perhaps lived through particularly bad winters, or even the time period itself.

The name is usually considered a topographic name, meaning 'dweller by the winter road'. It suggests that an ancestor of the Winterage family may have lived near a road that had been specifically used during the coldest months of the year as either a seasonal routeway, or perhaps even a freezing bridleway.

The Winterage name is quite rare, and is found primarily in England today. Historically, it is thought to have originated around Northumberland, Middlesex, and Nottinghamshire. Every place recorded with the surname Winterage, over the centuries, has been found in these areas.

In modern times, the surname Winterage is likely to be seen most often as a first name in Britain, typically chosen for its evocative meaning: to bring warmth and to look towards the future in the face of difficult weather.

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Winterage: Where does the name Winterage come from?

The surname Winterage is believed to have originated in England, although its strength of presence in England today varies greatly by region. The surname is most common in areas of north and west England, in counties such as Northumberland, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and Lancashire. It is less common in other areas of England, but may also be found in Wales in small numbers.

The last name Winterage has also spread outside of the British Isles. In the United States, it is most heavily concentrated in the Midwest, with particularly strong presence in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. On a worldwide scale, one may also find families bearing the Winterage surname in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Winterage is an uncommon surname, and due to its rarity, many families bearing this surname are likely descended from one common ancestor. As the surname has spread across the world in the centuries since its creation, many variations of the name have sprung up, including Wintridge, Winnterridge, Wynteridge, and Winteridge among others.

Variations of the surname Winterage

The surname Winterage is of English origin. Several variant spellings and surnames have developed over the years, from other languages and dialects used in the British Isles.

Variants of the surname include Winteridge, Wintridge, Wintrige and Winterich. These are all derived from the same root name, with ‘Winter’ being the more common form. Some variation in spelling may be due to dialectical differences.

Surnames of similar origin include Wynter, Winters, Wynters and Winner. Both Wynter and Winters are derived from the Old English personal name Winter, while the name Wynters can be linked to the Old English word wintra meaning ‘winter’. Winner is a form of the Old English personal name Wineard, which also means ‘winter’.

Macwinter is a Scottish form of the name. Mac means ‘son of’ in Gaelic, which suggests that the bearer of the surname was the son of a Winter. Similarly, the surname MacWinters is derived from the Old Norse personal name Vinter, which also pertains to ‘winter’.

The surnames Winterlake and Winterson are also of English origin. Winterlake is derived from the place name Winterlac, which is found in the county of Kent. Winterson is derived from the personal name Winter, meaning ‘winter’, with ‘son’ being the suffix.

Overall, the Winterage surname has many variants, spellings and surnames of English, Scottish and Norse origin. Variations in spelling may have been caused by dialectic differences and the origin of names.

Famous people with the name Winterage

  • Herman Winterage (1881-1979) was a Dutch actor and director.
  • Elisabeth Winterage (1884-1956) was first woman in Holland to own a cinema.
  • William Winterage (b. 1982) is a British-born professional snowboarder
  • Kim Winterage (b. 1966) is an American voice actress.
  • Bronio Winterage (b. 1985) is a British children's author.
  • Dan Winterage (b. 1954) is an American rock and blues musician.
  • Herschel Winterage (b. 1963) is an American business executive.
  • Bailee Winterage (b. 1996) is an American actress.
  • Leanza Winterage (b. 1990) is an American violinist.
  • Jaggy Winterage (b. 1985) is an American screenwriter and film director.

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