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Surname Wollowitz - Meaning and Origin

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Wollowitz: What does the surname Wollowitz mean?

The last name Wollowitz is of Jewish origin and is a fairly uncommon variant of the more common German surname Wallwitz. It is claimed to originate from the German word 'waldvitz', meaning 'forest village'. It is thought that this surname was taken on by families living in hamlets or villages found near dense woods or forests.

The earliest recorded mention of the last name Wollowitz dates back to May 1515, when one Johannes Wallwitz was registered as a citizen of Basel, Switzerland. The Wallwitz/Wollowitz family is believed to have then spread across parts of Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands eventually migrating to North America, eventually settling in places like New York, Chicago, and California.

The name Wollowitz is often associated with success, and many successful people have used it as their last name. For example, Binyamin Wollowitz, an American rabbi and author, is known for his book on practical spirituality and Jewish mysticism, and recent Nobel Prize laureate Saul Perlmutter is also known to bear this last name.

In conclusion, Wollowitz is a German-Jewish surname that originated from the phrase 'waldvitz' meaning 'forest village'. It is associated with success, having been taken on by notable figures such as Binyamin Wollowitz and Saul Perlmutter. Today, the surname Wollowitz is still seen around the world although its origins are rooted in Europe hundreds of years ago.

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Wollowitz: Where does the name Wollowitz come from?

The last name Wollowitz is most commonly found in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine today. It is believed to be derived from the Polish word wołłowicz which is a term for a type of long-horned ox. It is more likely than not that the surname originated with people in these countries who had herding occupations and figured prominently in the industries of the area.

The spelling of the surname Wollowitz can vary based on the language, pronunciation, and sometimes the country of origin. For example, the variations could be Wołłowicz in Poland, Vullović in Serbia and Croatia, and Volovyts or Dulovits in Ukraine.

Outside of Eastern Europe, Wollowitz is also found in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In the United States and Canada, the most populous Wollowitzes come from the states of New York, Massachusetts, and California. Wollowitz immigrants to these countries typically had their surname slightly altered upon entering, but the original spelling still remains in some cases.

Overall, Wollowitz is most commonly associated with Eastern Europe, where it was first thought to originate. However, as people of this surname have spread to different countries, the name and its spelling has been somewhat altered to a variety of forms.

Variations of the surname Wollowitz

The surname Wollowitz is of German origin, having derived from two elements: the word "Wolle," meaning wool, and the suffix "witz," indicating a patronymic origin. In its original form, it is thought to have been Wollwitz.

Variants of this surname include Wollow, Wollwitz, Wallwitz, Walwitz, Wallwits, Wallwetz, Wallwitz, Walwits, Walwitz, Walwetz, Wolwitz, Wallwitz, Wollwitz, Waldwitz, Walewsky, Wollweiler, Wallweiler, Walweiler,Wellwitz, Wollweiss, Wellweiss, Wallwein, and Wallweiss.

Within German speaking regions, the surname has taken on alternative spellings based on regional dialects, including Wollwits, Wolwitz, Wallwiche, Wallwigs, Wollwigz, and Wallwicz.

In the United States, the surname has had its spelling changed and simplified to several different variations, including Waldwitz, Wallwitz, Wallweiss, Wallwish, Wallwit, Wallwitz, Wollwitz, Willoltz, Willwiz, Willwitz, and Woolwitz.

Though all variants and spellings are derived from the same origin, this surname is not likely to be and has not been interchangeable between versions in different countries. The same holds true for surnames that have arisen as derivatives from similar spellings, such as Vollewitz, Wallweitz, Wallis, Vallewitz, and Walla.

Famous people with the name Wollowitz

  • Emmanuelle Wollowitz: a French television presenter and actress
  • Andrés Wollowitz: a Chilean entrepreneur
  • David Wollowitz: a former president of the World Bank Group
  • Josh Wollowitz: an American author, journalist, and television producer
  • Isaac Wollowitz: an Argentinian chess grandmaster
  • Rami Wollowitz: a contemporary Israeli visual artist
  • Maurice Wollowitz: a Jewish-American scientist, researcher, and author
  • Magda Wollowitz: a German physiologist
  • Keith Wollowitz: an Academy Award winning cinematographer
  • Ariel Wollowitz: a Chilean sculptor and painter

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