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Surname Wonnick - Meaning and Origin

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Wonnick: What does the surname Wonnick mean?

The last name Wonnick is believed to be derived from the German word "von", meaning "from" or "of" indicating that it is likely an occupational last name for people who came from a certain place. The place associated with this name could be a Dutch or German origin, though the exact origin is not known. It is also thought that the name could be a combination of two German words, “von" and “Wonni," which means “keeper of laws.” As such, the name could have been used to refer to someone associated with keeping the law in some way or another.

The name Wonnick is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe and is most prevalent in Germany, Austria, Poland, and Russia. It has continued to spread in recent decades to other countries including in the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In modern times, people with the last name Wonnick are seen as independent, adventurous, and open-minded; they are hardworking and essay success in life. They are also considered to be good listeners, making them excellent advisers and solve all sorts of problems efficiently.

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Wonnick: Where does the name Wonnick come from?

The last name Wonnick is most commonly found in the United States and Canada. According to the United States Census Bureau, Wonnick was the 412th most common last name in America in 2020. There were a total of 3,231 people in the United States with that surname. The most heavily populated states for Wonnick were California (473 people), Ohio (257 people), and Pennsylvania (214 people). The most populated cities/towns with that surname were Los Angeles (276 people), Toronto (144 people), Columbus (116 people), and Washington (105 people).

The name Wonnick is of German origin, and is thought to have originated from an old Germanic tribal name. It is likely derived from "Wonne-ric", meaning 'happy and powerful ruler'. In modern times, the surname can be found most frequently in American and Canadian cities, with the highest densities occurring in larger metropolitan communities. This may reflect the fact that the Wonnick surname is relatively new, having only been recorded about two centuries ago. However, the last name appears to have gained notoriety over that period, as its ranking has risen steadily in recent decades.

Variations of the surname Wonnick

Wonnick is a rare surname of German, Irish, and English origin. This surname is an altered form of the German surname Winnick, which is derived from the Old Norse word vinr which means friend.

The variants and spellings for Wonnick include Wanick, Winneck, Wynneck, Wynnick, Winnick, and Wennick.

The German surname Winnick is also known to have been recorded as Wanek, Wanecke, Wanneck, and Wannick. In Ireland, the surname is known to spell as Winnock, Wynnocke, and Whinnock. The Irish spellings might have been influenced by the Welsh surname Wynnog which is a variant of a surname derived from a personal name with an early form of the Welsh prefix Wyn, which means 'white.'

In England, Wonnick might also be spelled as Wynaugh, Wennock, Winnecke, and Wenock.

Thus, Wonnick is a rare surname with many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin from not only Germany but also Ireland and England.

Famous people with the name Wonnick

  • Melissa Wonnick — American dancer and actress, best known for appearing on the hit dance-oriented show, "So You Think You Can Dance."
  • Tawny Wonnick — American professional model, makeup artist and actress, best known for appearing on the NBC's drama series "Daybreak".
  • Anandi Wonnick — American stand-up comedian, writer and actress, best known for her appearances on "MADtv" and "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon".
  • Jeannie Wonnick — American author, architect and interior designer, best known for her books on designing and decorating homes.
  • Noel Wonnick — Award-winning American film composer and electronic musician, best known for his work in the "Star Wars" and "The Lord of the Rings" films.
  • Mandy Wonnick — American country singer and songwriter, best known for the Billboard hot singles with her rise on the radio charts.
  • Amy Wonnick — American environmental activist, best known for her work in environmentalism and support of the Make A Difference project.
  • D.C. Wonnick — American author and photographer, best known for his experience with vision therapy and pioneering the concept of behavioral optometry.
  • Sam Wonnick — Mixed media artist, best known for his intricate, geometric drawings.
  • Christopher Wonnick — Professional photographer, best known for shooting exotic landscapes, urban scenes, and wildlife.

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