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Surname Woodworth - Meaning and Origin

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Woodworth: What does the surname Woodworth mean?

The last name Woodworth is derived from the Old English words ‘wudu’ and ‘wyrth’, meaning ‘a wood’ and ‘a farm or an enclosure’. It can be interpreted as the one who lived near or owned a wood, or the one who lived on or worked a farm/ enclosure surrounded by a wood.

The use of enclosures in late prehistory and early history is well known in Britain, with the ancient Britons cultivating the land using an early form of farming known as assarting – the expansion of agricultural land by the felling of woodland. This meant that settlements, and thus farms, were located in wooded areas, thereby giving rise to the use of Woodworth as a surname.

The name Woodworth appears in records in both England and Scotland, the earliest being Richard de Woodeworthe, who held considerable land in Shropshire, England, in 1273. The prime historical records for the Woodworth surname are found in Gloucestershire, England, and in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, Scotland, where families bearing this name established themselves in the Middle Ages.

The Woodworth last name is common, particularly in the United States, especially in New England and the mid-Atlantic states, where it has been present since at least the 1600s. It can also be found in Canada, Ireland, and Australia, making it a truly global surname.

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Woodworth: Where does the name Woodworth come from?

The last name WOODWORTH is most commonly found in the United States with approximately 5,000 individuals bearing this surname. There is also a significant presence of this name throughout Canada, especially in Ontario where approximately 1,000 individuals have this last name.

The most populated state for the surname WOODWORTH in the United States is California, followed by Pennsylvania and then New York. Other states where this surname is present in high numbers include Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia. In Canada, the eastern province of Ontario is the most popular location for this surname.

The WOODWORTH surname originated from a root of the Anglo-Saxon culture and its meaning is associated with a sense of strength and resolution. It was first used by someone who lived near a turn in the road or a bend in the river. This name is found primarily in England with recent migrations of the surname to other countries such as the United States and Canada.

In general, the surname WOODWORTH is not very common, but it is still prevalent in some areas of North America and in some parts of the British Isles.

Variations of the surname Woodworth

The Woodworth surname has several variants, many of which have the same origin. The most common variants of Woodworth are Woodard and Woodward, which have been in use since the Middle Ages. Other variants include Woodworthe, Woodwort, Woodwoth, Woodwouts, Woodwoute, Woodworde, Woodword, Woodworths, Woodworthson, Woodworthy, Woodwurth, Wodworth, Wodworthe, Wodword and Wodworth.

The Woodworth surname originates from Old English and is derived from the Old English term “woodworthe” which was used to denote a wooded area. This term eventually became a descriptor of someone living near or inhabiting a wooded area or someone who was a woodsman.

The Woodworth surname is particularly common in England where variations began to form in the 13th century. In recent years, the surname has begun to spread to other countries, with variations of the name found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Woodworth variants of Woodard, Woodworthe, Woodwort, and Woodwoth are all derived from the same origin. However, each variant has its own unique spelling and pronunciation. For example, Woodard is pronounced wood-ard whereas Woodworthe is pronounced wood-wur-the.

Given that there are many variants and spellings of Woodworth, it is worth researching to determine which one is the correct version of the surname to use.

Famous people with the name Woodworth

  • Dave Woodworth: Canadian curler
  • Mack Woodworth: American basketball player
  • Kelly Woodworth: American pageant titleholder
  • Andrea Woodworth: English actress
  • William Woodworth: American mathematical physicist
  • Lucas Woodworth: American footballer
  • Quincy Woodworth: Former Governor of the Oregon State Senate
  • Mary Woodworth: Actress
  • C. Ernest Woodworth: American engineer and entomologist
  • Paul Woodworth: Former US Army Major and Korean War Veteran

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