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Surname Wynham - Meaning and Origin

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Wynham: What does the surname Wynham mean?

The last name Wynham is of Old English origin, believed to have derived from the town of Winchelsea in East Sussex. The town was known as Wynham in the Domesday Book of 1086, and it is likely that the surname derived from the name of the settlement.

From the 12th century, Winchelsea was an important port in the English Channel, with a series of fortifications built to protect it from invasions. It was the second largest port in England after London, and this is likely to have attracted the attention of those wishing to settle in the area. The surname Wynham, therefore, likely originated from those who lived near or around the area.

The Wynham family crest is similar to that of the Winchelsea family. Its origin dates back to Old English and is said to be a combination of two words, “wyn” meaning white or bright, and “ham” meaning home. This could indicate that the original family living in Winchelsea used the crest as a sign of their allegiance to the area.

The family likely originated as part of the Anglo-Saxon elite who inhabited England during the 10th century. Descendants of the family probably later moved away from the area before others settled once more during the medieval period.

Today, those who carry the Wynham surname remain proud of their ancestry and the area’s history. It is a reminder of the family’s origins and their commitment to the town of Winchelsea.

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Wynham: Where does the name Wynham come from?

The Wynham surname is a common Americanized spelling of the Irish surname O'Winamaga, which originated in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Today, the Wynham name is widely dispersed throughout the United States, with individuals living in nearly every state.

Many Wynhams can be found on the East Coast, particularly in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, the heart of early colonial settlements. On the West Coast, there are a number of Wynhams located in California, Washington, and Oregon. These individuals likely trace their ancestry to mid-19th century Irish immigrants who arrived during the great Irish Potato Famine.

The South Atlantic region is also home to a large number of Wynhams. Florida and Georgia have particularly high numbers of individuals of the Wynham name. The Southern states often played host to an influx of Irish immigrants, particularly at the beginning of the 20th century when many Irish found work in the textile, coal, and steel industries.

The middle of the United States often shows up as a hub for Wynhams as well, with a large number of individuals having made their home in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. Lastly, Wynhams have set down roots all across the south Midwest from Oklahoma to Maryland to Texas.

Overall, the Wynham name is a remnant of the period of mass Irish immigration to the United States, and today its members are scattered far and wide throughout the United States.

Variations of the surname Wynham

The surname Wynham has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common variant of the surname is Wyndham, which may be spelled Wynham, Windham, Windam, Windome, Wynnham, and Wynom. All of these spellings are derived from the place where the ancestors of the bearers of the surname came from, which is a hamlet, town, parish or manor in England called Wyndham.

The relatives of the bearers of the surname can frequently be found with variants of the surname spelled such as Windhams, Wingham, Winkam, Winham, Wingom, Winam, and Wingam. In some cases, the surname has been Anglicized to Wingham, while in others, it has been shortened to simply Win.

The consistent element that ties all of these spellings of the name together, despite the varied spellings, is that they can all be traced back to the origin of the surname in Wyndham. Other related surnames include Wingette, Winfree, Winfeather, and Windrider.

In conclusion, the surname Wynham has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The main element that ties them together is the origin of the surname in the place Wyndham, England.

Famous people with the name Wynham

  • Anthony Wynham: British actor and producer who has appeared in a variety of films and television series
  • Helen Wynham: British actress whose television credits include Waking the Dead, Kavanagh QC, and Educating Rita
  • Ray Wynham: former professional English football player
  • Richard Wynham: British singer and songwriter who was a member of the English funk-pop band Bronski Beat
  • Tom Wynham: British actor and film producer who has appeared in films such as Sherlock Holmes and Quatermass and the Pit
  • Charles Wynham: Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury from 1660 to 1663
  • Warwick Wynham: Australian financial advisor and investment adviser
  • Elizabeth Wynham: American television news anchor and journalist
  • John Wynham: British nobleman and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1659 to 1681
  • John Wynham Jr.: British politician who served as Member of Parliament for Tregony from 1679 to 1702

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