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Surname Bucko - Meaning and Origin

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Bucko: What does the surname Bucko mean?

The last name Bucko is of Slavic origin, likely taken from the Czech language of Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). It is derived from a nickname for a descendant of a buck deer or a name given to someone with a strong-willed and fearless nature. It has multiple variations including Burek, Buk, Bukowsky, Bukowski, Bukosky, and Bukurek.

Bucko may have first appeared in what is now the Czech Republic, most likely in the area of Bohemia. The Czech language is one of the oldest languages in Europe, and its oldest known recorded statement is from 872 AD. It is believed that the surname has been around since at least this time.

The surname may also have arrived in countries like the United States and England with large waves of immigrants, including those from Bohemia. This mainly occurred in the 19th and early 20th century.

In the United States, the Bucko family name originated in Wisconsin. By the 2000 Census, the Bucko surname was the 13,035th most common, living in almost every US state. In England, the last name is ranked as the 9,769th most common.

In some parts of Europe, particularly in Poland, the name is associated with nobility. It mayl have begun as a title for the aristocracy, and today is associated with Polish nobility because of its frequent use among aristocratic families.

The last name Bucko has been passed down to many generations, and the meaning might have been lost to time, but its legacy is still apparent today.

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Bucko: Where does the name Bucko come from?

The last name Bucko is most commonly found in Eastern Europe today, specifically in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia.

According to census data, the name Bucko is found most heavily among citizens of Slovenia and Croatia. Over 12% of people in Slovenia have the last name Bucko, while approximately 9% of Croatians have the same name. In Serbia, nearly 2% of the population has the surname.

Those with the name Bucko come from a rich history in this part of the world. In Croatia, the surname is believed to have originated in the 11th century, during the rule of the Kingdom of Croatia. It is thought to have been brought in by settlers and tradesmen from Dalmatia. It is now found throughout the region.

Today, in Croatia and Slovenia, the majority of Buckos are Roman Catholic, and many work in farming or other small family businesses. In Serbia, the population is more diverse, although the majority of Buckos still belong to some form of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Overall, the last name Bucko is most common in Eastern Europe today. It is most heavily represented in Slovenia and Croatia, and to a lesser extent in Serbia. Its origins can be traced to the 11th century, and the majority of Buckos are Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Variations of the surname Bucko

The variant spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Bucko include Bucks, Bux, Buck, Buxo, Buxoe, Boxe, Boxing, Bookes, Boak, Boakus, Boakie, Boake, Boakies, Boke, Bock and Bukowski.

The surname Bucko is a variant of the German and Polish surname affecting many parts of Europe. It is derived from the German word "Buc" which means "book". This is a reference to Buckley, which literally means "village of the book". The use of the word "Buc" or "Buk" to describe someone who made books or kept records became quite common in certain Germanic regions.

The surname Bucko is also related to the English name Buxey, which is generally found as a variant of the name Buckley. Buxey is derived from the Old English name Bucking, which itself is derived from a place known as Bucks, which means 'at the stream'.

The surname Bucko is also closely related to the surname Buck, which is derived from the Old English word ‘bocc’ meaning ‘book’ or ‘document’. Variants of the surname inclued Buxe, Buxo and Buxoe.

The surname Bukowski is a Slavic variant of the surname Bucko generally found in Poland. It is derived from the Polish word ‘buk’ which means ‘beech’ or ‘oak’, referencing the type of tree that often grew in the region.

Lastly, the Boxe surname is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word ‘Boce’ meaning ‘priestly residence’. Variants of the Boxe surname include Bookes, Boak, Boakus, Boakie, Boake and Boakies amongst others.

Overall, the surname Bucko has many variants, spellings, and derivative surnames from the German, Polish and English languages. This reflects the diverse history of the surname, which originated in various parts of Europe.

Famous people with the name Bucko

  • Danielle Bucko: Television personality
  • Julian Bucko: Cyclist
  • Mario Bucko: Former professional football player
  • John Bucko: Actor
  • Jennifer Bucko: Musician
  • André Bucko: Soccer player
  • Charlotte Bucko: Actor and singer
  • Paul Bucko: Artist and producer
  • Nancy Bucko: Actress
  • Martin Bucko: Figure skater
  • Jorge Bucko: Footballer
  • Andrew Bucko: Actor
  • Thomas Bucko: Adventure racer
  • Luca Bucko: Footballer
  • Anika Bucko: Musician
  • Victor Bucko: Soccer player
  • Emily Bucko: Model
  • Neil Bucko: Actor
  • Michael Bucko: Film editor
  • Raquel Bucko: Singer

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