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Surname Cade - Meaning and Origin

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D. Cade

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Cade: What does the surname Cade mean?

The surname Cade is of English origin and is believed to be derived from a nickname for a gentle or harmless person. The nickname originates from the Middle English term "cade," which refers to a domesticated or tame animal, often a pet lamb. The term itself could come from either the Old Northern French "cade," borrowed from Latin "catellus," meaning small dog or "catus" meaning a cat, or from Latin "catellus," a diminutive of "catulus" which means a puppy, a small dog. Therefore, the surname could also possibly mean a person who raises small or young animals. Like many surnames, it would have been used as a means of distinguishing between individuals with the same first name, and over time this became a hereditary surname. The surname also has some geographic distribution with prominent presence in the United States, England, Australia and Canada. It's worth noting that meanings of surnames may vary and can be influenced by a variety of factors including origin and regional dialects.

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Cade: Where does the name Cade come from?

The surname Cade is of English origin and is derived from a nickname for a gentle, harmless person. It comes from the Middle English word 'cade', meaning a domestic animal that has been tamed or coddled. It could also refer to a person who reared stray calves, as 'cade' was used colloquially to refer to a pet lamb. The earliest recording of the surname Cade dates back to the 13th century in Sussex.

Today, the surname Cade is still common throughout English-speaking countries, with many bearers of the name found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Within these countries, it's distribution is not confined to specific regions. The surname has also been adopted by some families in non-English speaking countries due to anglicization. Various notable people with the surname include Jack Cade, leader of the famous Cade's Rebellion in England in the 15th century, and Chris Cade, a renowned American coder and engineer.

Variations of the surname Cade

The surname Cade is of Old English origin, arising from the personal name "Cada." This name has numerous variations and alternative spellings, stemming from the changes in pronunciation and recording over centuries.

Some of the variant spellings of the surname Cade include Cad, Cadd, Caud, Caude, Cadde, Kad, Kadd, etc. Some versions of the surname also incorporate additional suffixes like "-son," resulting in names like Cadson or Cadeson. Variants might also stem from geographical regions, with surnames like Cadman (meaning Cada's man) or Cadwallader (a Welsh variant).

As a last name, Cade may sometimes occur as a double-barreled or hyphenated surname, combined with another to form names like Cade-Smith or Cade-Brown.

It's important to note that variations of a surname often stem from branches of the same family choosing to spell the name differently, or they could emerge when families moved to new areas and adopted the local pronunciation or spelling of the name. Therefore, while these are all linked to the personal name "Cada," the exact relationships between bearers of these different surnames would require genealogical research to establish.

Famous people with the name Cade

  • John Cade: An Australian psychiatrist known for his discovery of the effects of lithium on bipolar disorder.
  • Susannah Cade: A British rower who competed at the 1980 Summer Olympics.
  • John A. Cade: An American politician who served in the Maryland State Senate.
  • Jack Cade: The leader of a popular revolt against the government of England in 1450, often referred to as "Jack Cade's Rebellion".
  • Jonathan Cade: An English cricketer.
  • Chris Cade: An American author on spiritual topics.
  • Michael Cade: An American actor, best known for his role on the TV show "California Dreams".
  • Henry Cade: A famous British surgeon.
  • June Cade: A Canadian actress known for her TV and movie roles in the 1980s.
  • Thomas Cade: An Australian ornithologist known for his work on birds of prey.
  • James Cade: A Canadian actor who has appeared in numerous TV shows and films, including "Degrassi: The Next Generation".
  • Billie Joe Cade: An actor, writer, and producer in the film industry.
  • Cade McNown: A former American football quarterback who played in the NFL.

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