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Surname Claesen - Meaning and Origin

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Claesen: What does the surname Claesen mean?

The last name Claesen has its origins in the Low Countries, specifically Holland and Belgium. It is derived from the Dutch word for “son of Claus” which was a common given name in the area. This name is also sometimes found anglicized as “Clauson.”

This last name has several possible origins, ranging from a diminutive form of names like Nicholas or Claus, to an older Dutch toponymic name derived from a place known as Klazienaveen. It is also possible that Claesen originated from a patronymic name derived from the Dutch and German given name Klass, which means “the people.”

In today’s world, the name Claesen remains especially common in Holland, but it is also a commonly borne surname in the other Low Countries. It has spread to other areas in Europe and the New World over the centuries, again mainly due to Dutch emigration.

Overall, the last name Claesen is a typical example of an occupational or patronymic name that developed in the Middle Ages. In saying this, it has multiple possible origins, and offers testament to the rich and varied history of the Dutch language and people.

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Claesen: Where does the name Claesen come from?

The last name Claesen is most commonly found in areas with a strong Dutch heritage, particularly countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It is also found in smaller numbers in other European countries, as well as places around the world where Dutch immigrants have settled, including the United States, South Africa, Canada, Australia and parts of South America.

The history of the name Claesen is believed to stem from the Dutch language. Several variations of the name (such as Claessen and Claessens) are found in the Netherlands and Belgium today, with Claesen appearing mainly in Germany.

The surname has also been found in English records, for example in the ancient parish of St. Divine in London in the late 1500s. Here, James Claesen is recorded as having left a bequest in 1608. This suggests that Dutch settlers may have been among the England’s earliest immigrants.

In the Netherlands, the name Claesen has been associated with several prominent Dutch families, including the noble Claessen of Limburg, first recorded in 1571. It is also significant in North Brabant, as the Claesen name is highly concentrated in that region.

Today, the surname Claesen is most common in the Netherlands, with its highest concentration in the province of Limburg. In Germany, the name is more widely spread, but still quite rare. Similarly, there are only small numbers of people with this surname in other countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Claesen

The Claesen surname is a Dutch and Flemish variant of the surname Claessen. It is a patronymic or "voor naam" surname derived from the given name Nicholas, which is derived from Greek Nikolaos. This surname can be variated in a variety of ways:

Claes: Claes is the Dutch spelling of the surname, which includes the diminutive form of the given name Nicholas.

Klaes, Klaessens, Klaessen: These are alternate Dutch and Flemish spellings of the surname.

Claeßen: This is a German spelling of the surname.

Claiz: Claiz is an Anglicized spelling of the surname.

Claassens: Claassens is a Dutch spelling of the surname, which includes an added s at the end of the word.

Klaassen, Klaasse: These are alternate Dutch spellings of the surname.

Claasen: Claasen is an alternate Dutch spelling of the surname.

Clasen, Clasens: These are alternate spellings of the surname.

Claessen: Claessen is a Dutch spelling of the surname.

Claessen, Claessens: These are alternate Dutch spellings of the surname.

Clayson: Clayson is an English spelling of the surname.

Klaesen, Claesen: These are alternate Dutch spellings of the surname.

Claussen, Claussens: These are alternate Dutch spellings of the surname.

Clausen: Clausen is a Dutch spelling of the surname.

Claese, Claesen, Claessens: These are alternate Dutch spellings of the surname.

Famous people with the name Claesen

  • Thomas Claesen: Belgian professional football player
  • Tom Claesen: Dutch professional football player
  • Nicky Claesen: Belgian female professional beach volleyball player
  • Vera Claesen: Belgian female road cyclist
  • Tony Claesen: Dutch professional road bicycle racer
  • Christophe Claesen: Belgian professional road bicycle racer
  • Cathy Claesen: Belgian athlete
  • Catherine Claesen: Australian female volleyball player
  • Ilse Claesen: Belgian team handball player
  • Ben Claesen: Dutch professional water polo player
  • Jamie Claesen: American professional golfer
  • Lucien Claesen: Belgian road bicycle racer
  • Jan K. Claesen: Dutch artist, writer, and publicist
  • Emma Claesen: Belgian professional road bicycle racer
  • Stephan Claesen: Belgian actor and acting coach
  • Svein Claesen: Norwegian artist and animator
  • Emile Claesen: Flemish-Dutch soccer player
  • Nerea Claesen: Spanish professional footballer
  • Karel Claesen: Belgian road bicycle racer
  • Jan Claesen: Dutch painter, designer, and sculptor

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