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Surname Claeson - Meaning and Origin

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Claeson: What does the surname Claeson mean?

The last name Claeson is believed to originate from the Old Scandinavian given name Klæs-vik, which translates to mean "farm by the bay". It is thought to have originally referred to a person who lived on a piece of land that overlooked a large bay. Over time, this ancestral name was shortened and eventually became Claeson.

Today, Claeson is mainly found in Sweden and the United States. In Sweden, Claeson is the 28th most common surname in a country of 10 million people, indicating that it has been in existence there for many centuries. In the United States, it is significantly less common with it being the 14,802nd most common last name as of the 2000 census.

While the meaning behind the name Claeson has been lost over time, it remains an intriguing piece of history that generations have been able to enjoy and draw inspiration from. In this way, Claeson has been able to bridge the gap between the old and the new, giving it a timeless significance and recognition.

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Claeson: Where does the name Claeson come from?

The last name Claeson is mostly associated with countries in Northern Europe, primarily Scandinavia. It is particularly common in Sweden, where it is the 90th most common last name. The name is also found in Finland, Norway and Denmark, although it is slightly less prominent there. In addition, there are records of the name being found in Germany, the Netherlands and even in the United States of America.

According to Swedish genealogical records, the Claeson name originated in the 13th and 14th centuries and comes from the old Norse name Klængr. It is believed to have been a patronymic name, or one inherited from a father, as the suffix ‘-son’ was often added to the father’s given name.

The Claeson name was particularly prominent in the Swedish province of Småland, where it is still very common in the present day. It is thought that the surname first arose in this area and spread further across the country over the centuries.

Today, the Claeson last name can be found not only in Northern Europe, but in many countries across the globe. It is no longer solely associated with its Nordic roots, but is a name that has spread to a variety of different places.

Variations of the surname Claeson

Claeson is a Scandinavian surname that is derived from the popular first name Claus. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Claeson include Claesen, Claesson, Claessen, Claesz, and Clason.

In Sweden, this surname has mainly been recorded in the provinces of Gothenburg and Halland in the West of the country. The surname Claeson was also present in the northernmost island of Gotland in the 17th century, and over the years the name has spread to other parts of the country.

The surname Claeson can be found in other European countries as well. In Norway for instance, transmitted forms of the name included Klason and Klan. In Holland variants included Klaasen, Claessens, and Kleyesses. In Germany the variants Kleessen, Klaison, and Klesson have been used.

In the US, the surname Claeson is recorded mainly in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. It is also common in some Scandinavian immigrant communities in Canada, where the surname is spelled Claesson. Common alternative spellings and forms of this surname used in English-speaking countries included Klaysen, Clarsson, Clesson, and Klesson.

In Denmark and Norway, the surname is occasionally found as a nobiliary title; Dahl-Claeson is an example of this. The Danish variant of the name, written as Klæsse can also be found in Norway's Lofoten Islands.

Famous people with the name Claeson

  • Petter Claesson: Swedish soccer player for IF Elfsborg in the Allsvenskan league
  • Jesper Claesson: Swedish film director
  • Katarina Claesson: Swedish novelist and children’s book author
  • Jan-Erik Claesson: Swedish architect who received the Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Gold Medal 2008
  • Annica Claesson: Swedish architect who assisted Jan-Erik Claesson on several projects
  • Max Claesson: Swedish tabletop and role-playing game designer
  • Elis Claesson: Swedish jazz guitarist
  • Johan Claesson: Swedish discus thrower
  • Lina Claesson: Swedish orienteering competitor
  • Ola Claesson: Swedish film and television actor

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