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Surname d'Ivry - Meaning and Origin

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d'Ivry: What does the surname d'Ivry mean?

The last name d'Ivry is of French origin. It originally referred to a person from a place called Ivry-la-Bataille, which is a commune in the Eure region of Normandy, France. The name translates roughly as ‘from Ivry’ or ‘from Ivry-la-Bataille’.

The etymology of the town’s name, and by extension the surname, lies in the Gaulish language: Ivoaros. This translates as a place of yew trees. Yews were once common in many parts of France, and some regions still have them today. They are evergreen trees that generally grow to be quite large and can live for centuries, making them a great choice for fencing and shelter.

The town is also known for its ancient ruins, which date back to the time of the Romans. The area was once home to a temple dedicated to the goddess Diana, and many ancient Roman and Gallic coins can still be found here to this day. Ivry-la-Bataille has a rich military history as well, having served as the site of several violent battles between England and France during the HundredYears War.

The name d'Ivry is an important reminder of the town’s place in France’s past, and the people who bear the name are proud to share it.

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d'Ivry: Where does the name d'Ivry come from?

The last name d'Ivry is very common in parts of Quebec in Canada today. This is due to many of the families with this name having a long history in the province.

It is believed that much of the d'Ivry family ancestors arrived in what is now Quebec in the early 1600s, coming from France and other parts of Europe. Initially, these were merchants and craftspeople and eventually expanded to include members of the military, government officials, and doctors.

The d'Ivry name has become very important in the province and many family members are found in prominent positions in Quebec. As a result, it has been a common name for many generations in the province.

Additionally, many descendants of the d'Ivry family have spread across Canada, particularly in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, and also down in the United States.

Due to its long and distinguished presence in the region, the d'Ivry name has found its way into many records and monuments as a testament to its legacy. The name is a reminder of the proud ancestors of Quebec and continues to be very common in many places throughout the province.

Variations of the surname d'Ivry

The surname d'Ivry originated in the city of Ivry-la-Bataille, in Normandy, France. It is an old aristocratic surname that is still found today in various forms and spellings. The most common forms of the surname d'Ivry include Delivry, Delivrye, De Ivry, Deivry, Devry, Divry, D'Ivry, D'Ivri, Du Ivry, and Duvry.

The surname d'Ivry can also be spelled different ways depending on the language it is written in. For example, in Spanish, the surname is often spelled de Ivry, del Ivry, Deivry, and Divry, while in Italian it is most often spelled Di Ivry.

Other variations of the surname d'Ivry include: Delivry, De Vrillon, Des Vrillons, Devrillon, Deverillon, Devrilhon, Devrillhon, di Vrillon, Divrillon, Divrilhon, Divrillhon, Ivri, Divers, Evry, and Vrillon.

This surname is also found as a patronymic (where a person is named after their father), such as Delivry, Desvrillons, Devrillon, Divrillon, Delivrye, and Divrilhon.

In addition to the various spellings of the surname d'Ivry, some individuals may also have a surname that is derived from the same source. These might include: Delivry, Desvrillons, Devrillon, Divrillon, Delivrye, D'Ivri, Delivray, Devrie, De Vrillon, Devrillhon, Devrilhon, Divrilhon, Divrillhon, Ivri, Divers, Evry, Vrillon, and Ivry.

Overall, there are many different spellings, variants, and surnames derived from the same source — the surname d'Ivry — however, the most common variants are Delivry, Delivrye, De Ivry, Deivry, Devry, Divry, D'Ivry, D'Ivri, Du Ivry, and Duvry.

Famous people with the name d'Ivry

  • Guy d'Ivry: French Medieval composer and Arpenter of the Kingdom of France.
  • François d'Ivry: French soldier, Marshal of France in the 14th Century.
  • Thomas d'Ivry: 16th Century French poet and Secretary of Finance under King Henry III of France.
  • Octave d'Ivry: 19th Century French politician, Senator and Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Alexandre Joseph d'Ivry: 18th Century French historian and public official.
  • Alfred d'Ivry: French Admiral in the 19th Century, commanded the French forces at the Battle of Toulon in 1803.
  • Augustin d'Ivry: 19th Century French diplomat and minister.
  • Martial d'Ivry: French Cavalry General in Napoleon's army during the 19th Century.
  • Eugène d'Ivry: 19th Century French Catholic priest.
  • Margaret of Valois d'Ivry: French Duchess in the 15th Century, mother of Charles I of Spain.

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