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Surname D'Wolf - Meaning and Origin

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D'Wolf: What does the surname D'Wolf mean?

The last name D'Wolf is derived from the French term for "wolf". The French term is loup, and when a “d” is placed at the beginning it becomes d'loup. The name can be traced back to the Middle Ages when wolves were a common sight in the area. The name D'Wolf would have been taken on by a family that had a reputation of being brave and strong like a wolf. It may have been linked to a life of hunting and tracking and even raiding in some cases.

The surname D'Wolf could also be an indication of the family’s place of origin. During the Middle Ages there were many wolves living in the areas of what are now Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. The family may have originated from one of these regions which would explain their connection with the animal.

The surname D'Wolf is often seen with variations such as D’Wolfe, DeWolfe and DeVogel. These variants are derived from other European languages. In German, for instance, the word Wolf would become Wolf, or Vogel in Dutch.

Today, the surname D'Wolf is found in many different countries around the world, suggesting that the family that once bore this name have spread across the globe. It is likely that the current generations are unaware of the original meaning of the name, but are proud to still carry on the traditions of those that gave way before them.

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D'Wolf: Where does the name D'Wolf come from?

The last name D'Wolf is not a particularly common name today, and to determine its prevalence, it's necessary to look at records of its origin.

The name is likely derived from the French words "des loup," which translates to "of the wolf." This suggests a connection to the European D'Loup/Lupo surname, which can be traced back to the 11th century. It is believed that the surname originated as an aristocratic French family who used the wolf as their symbol, a popular practice at the time.

The D'Wolf name can be found primarily among descendants of French and other European nobility, suggesting that it was once a noble surname. While the name is likely still found in French-speaking areas, it is relatively uncommon in English-speaking nations. In the United States, the name can be found in records of the early 19th century, when some of the first D'Wolfs immigrated to the US.

The modern-day prevalence of the D'Wolf name is unknown, but it is estimated to be relatively low. Given its noble background and French origin, it is likely concentrated in French-speaking countries, as well as other areas with a long connection to French history and culture.

Variations of the surname D'Wolf

The surname D’Wolf is most commonly seen as either a single or double barrelled surname, D'Wolf or DeWolf (De Wolf, DeWolfe). It is a common patronymic surname of French origin, meaning ‘of the wolf’, from ‘lupus’, Latin for wolf. This surname is most often found in the Low Countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Northern France.

Variants of the D’Wolf surname include DuWolf, Du Wolf, DuWolfe, Lupus, Lovingwolf, Wolf, Wolffe, Wolves, Wolfe, Wolff, and Wolfing.

Surnames of related origins include:

• Wolf (Germanic)

• Wolfson (Jewish Ashkenazi)

• Volf (Slavic)

• Wölfel (Germanic)

• Wolfsdorf (Germanic)

• Woulfe (Irish)

• Laupus and Lavoup (Huguenot)

• Löwen (Ashkenazi)

• Woolf (Ashkenazi)

• Ulf (German)

• Woelfel (German)

In modern days, D’Wolf is still a relatively uncommon surname; however, there are many different variants of the same origin. Therefore, it is important to remember the other variants of the surname to help uncover genealogical research.

Famous people with the name D'Wolf

  • James D'Wolf (1767-1820), American merchant, shipping agent, and politician from Rhode Island
  • Elizabeth D'Wolf (1765-1842), American socialite, society figure, and philanthropist
  • John Codman D'Wolf (1771-1850), American merchant, shipping agent, and politician from Rhode Island
  • Charles J. D'Wolf (1809-1890), American attorney and politician from Rhode Island
  • John Codman D'Wolf Jr. (1798-1882), American shipping agent, merchant, and politician
  • Nathan D'Wolf (1797-1871), American physician and politician from Rhode Island
  • Elizabeth Reed D'Wolf (1809–1889), American philanthropist and civic leader
  • Robert H. D'Wolf (1836-1917), American leader in the development of Rhode Island's commercial fishing industry
  • Augustus D'Wolf (1771-1841), American merchant, shipping agent, and politician from Rhode Island
  • Joseph D'Wolf (1773-1842), American merchant, shipping agent, and politician from Rhode Island

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