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Surname Dainin - Meaning and Origin

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Dainin: What does the surname Dainin mean?

The last name Dainin is of Japanese origin and has various potential meanings. It could be derived from the Japanese word ‘da’ which can mean ‘great’ or ‘big’, or the character ‘dain’ which has a meaning of ‘gentle, timid, or humble’. It could also come from the word ‘daini’ which means ‘double’, which could suggest a meaning of ‘two sides’ or two elements.

The surname Dainin could also be related to the Japanese name ‘Daikin’ which is made up of two characters, ‘dai’ meaning ‘Great and Serene’ and ‘kin’ meaning ‘gold’. This could suggest a meaning of ‘Great and Serene Gold’.

Other potential meanings for the last name Dainin include ‘forest of rain’, which comes from the two characters ‘dain’ meaning ‘gentle, timid, or humble’, and ‘in’ meaning ‘forest’, or ‘big rain’ coming from the characters ‘da’ meaning ‘great’ and ‘in’ meaning ‘rain’.

Ultimately, the true origin and meaning of the surname Dainin could be lost in the mists of time or could be a combination of these various meanings. Whatever its origin, the name Dainin carries a sense of simplicity, humility, serenity, and strength.

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Dainin: Where does the name Dainin come from?

The last name Dainin is primarily found in Japan, where it is a common surname. As of 2016, it was the 217th most common surname. Outside of Japan, the surname Dainin is generally quite rare, with few people bearing the last name.

In Japan, the surname Dainin (also spelled Daiin in the Ōsaka/Kyōto dialect) is part of the Dainin clan, one of the gōzoku (an old term meaning a family of wealthy landowners). The Dainin clan dates back to the mid-Heian period of the 800s, and once spread over parts of Kyūshū and Shikoku.

The meaning behind the name Dainin is uncertain, but it is often thought to come from the old-style Japanese reading of the surname. The characters used are 大因 (meaning large cause), or 大尹 (meaning great beginning). In the past, the Dainin family would use the characters 大飲 for their surname, which means to drink deeply.

Outside of Japan, the last name Dainin is most commonly found in the United States, where it appears most frequently in the west and southwest states, such as California and New Mexico. There are also a few cases of individuals bearing the surname in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

In conclusion, the last name Dainin is most common in Japan, with its presence in other countries limited to a small number of individuals.

Variations of the surname Dainin

The surname Dainin commonly appears in various different spellings, although all of them share the same origin. Most commonly, the surname is spelled “Dainin”, but it can also appear as “Dainon”, “Dainen”, “Dainan”, “Dainun”, and “Dainin”. Other less common variants include “Daynin”, “Dronin”, “Tainin”, and even “Daijin”.

Dainin can be found as a given name in Scotland, England, Ireland, and the United States, although it is not particularly common. In the United States, Dainin is most commonly seen in Irish and Scottish-American families.

In some cases, the surname Dainin can be used as a surname variant of the Irish surname Donnegan. In Ireland, this surname was borne by an 11th-century king of Ui Fiachrach Atha Cliath, and was brought to Ireland by the Normans.

In other cases, the surname Dainin can be a variant spelling of the Danish surname Dalin, which is derived from an Old Norse, Old Danish word meaning “valley” or “meadow”. This surname was first brought to Denmark by the Viking settlers of the 10th and 11th centuries, and the variants are now found mainly in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

The surname Dainin is also found as a variant spelling of the German surname Dannen, which is derived from the Middle High German word “dannen” meaning “to thump” or “to beat”. The surname Dannen was common among nobles in Germany and Austria in the Middle Ages, and is still found primarily in Germany today.

Famous people with the name Dainin

  • Jung-Lyul Dainin, the 9th Patriarch of the Myoshinji school of the Rinzai Sect of Japan
  • Rev. Fushi Dainin Katagiri, a Buddhist and Zen master
  • Akemi Dainin, the Japanese ambassador to Bhutan
  • Jion Dainin, a traditional calligrapher and Buddhist monk
  • Rev. Gento Dainin, an abbot of Myoshinji
  • Mokuho Dainin Yokoyama, 21st head of Sojiji Zen Temple
  • Dainin Katagiri, the Founder of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center
  • Terry Dainin Kazor, an Acupuncture Physician and Martial Arts Instructor
  • Ama Dainin, a famous Japanese singer
  • Yehan Dainin Dōgen, often referred to as the founder of Sōtō Zen in Japan

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