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Surname De Framé - Meaning and Origin

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De Framé: What does the surname De Framé mean?

The last name De Framé is thought to be of French origin. It is derived from the Old French word “framer,” which means “from the marsh” or “from the woods.” For many, the name suggests a proud, independent person who is not afraid to tread their own path and take risks to achieve success. The original De Framé family would have likely been associated with farming and other agricultural activities. They likely lived in places that were marshy or near thick forests and were likely fiercely independent as they worked to survive off of their own resources.

Today, the name carries the same spirit and connotations, although its usage has predominantly shifted to a purely surname designation and is no longer associated with farming activities. It is most often found in France as well as other French-speaking nations, such as Belgium, Canada, and Haiti.

Those who bear the name De Framé are known to possess a strong sense of self and an unrelenting focus on achieving success. They are often highly self-motivated and driven individuals who have the ability to take decisions and risks that result in growth and success. They may be entrepreneurs, inventors, or scientists, and are known to be fearless in pursuit of an idea or goal. An individual bearing this name often possesses an intrepid spirit, as their ancestral past has instilled them with an independent nature and the courage to take risks.

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De Framé: Where does the name De Framé come from?

The last name De Framé is an uncommon name. It is most commonly found in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is located in northeastern Europe, and is the most densely populated country in Europe.

It is believed that the De Framé name has Dutch origins and that it likely first appeared in the Netherlands during the 13th and 14th centuries. It is thought to have come from the Middle Dutch words 'framen', which means 'adorn' or 'ornament', and the prefix 'de', meaning 'of'.

Today, the last name De Framé is mostly found in the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Australia. To a lesser extent, it can be found in France, Germany, Northern Ireland, and the UK.

The Netherlands is home to the largest population of people with the De Framé name, where it is typically found in the provinces of North Holland, Gelderland, and Drenthe. The largest concentration of people with this name can be found in Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands.

Outside of the Netherlands, the majority of people with the De Framé name can be found in Canada and the United States. In Canada, it is most commonly found in Ontario and Quebec, while in the United States it is most commonly found in Virginia, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Overall, the last name De Framé is not a common name, but it can be found in several countries around the world. It is most common in the Netherlands and parts of North America, but it has been found in many other countries, notably France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname De Framé

The surname De Framé has many variants and spellings which can be used interchangeably. It is also known by the names De Frame, De Framme, De Frammes, De Frans, De Franss, De Franssens, and Framé. Additionally, these spellings can also be combined with other surnames to create further derivative versions such as De Framme-Prins, De Framme-Vros and De Framme-Meyer.

The surname is of Dutch origin, and is often found in Dutch-speaking regions of the world. It is derived from the medieval Germanic combination of the words 'frame', 'framer' or 'frem', for 'free', and 'heim', for 'home'. This combination was used to mean 'a home or shelter for free people'.

Other spellings or versions of De Framé can also be found through regional variations due to changes in language, as well as other surname combinations. For instance, whilst in the Netherlands and Belgium, the surname is often simply De Framé, in France, it may be spelled De la Framé or de Framée.

Besides these variations, the surname De Framé is also sometimes fused with other surnames such as Kemp or Kempf. It can also be combined with other words or prefixes such as Des Framés, den or denne, to create even more derivatives.

It is thus worth noting that these variants and spellings of the surname De Framé stem from the same origin. As such, they all share the same familial ties and family name.

Famous people with the name De Framé

  • Ben De Framé: Belgian actor.
  • Etienne De Framé: 18th-century French composer.
  • Catherine De Framé: French actress and singer.
  • Pierre De Framé: French doctor and owner of the first medical botanical gardens in Paris.
  • Hugo De Framé: Prime Minister of Belgium in the 17th-century.
  • Didier De Framé: French architect and engineer.
  • Nathalie De Framé: Belgian actress and director.
  • Eustache De Framé: French vintner and wine producer.
  • Michel De Framé: French entrepreneur and founder of the Chateau Musar wine estate.
  • Etienne-Auguste De Framé: French-German composer, associated with the transition from classical to romantic opera.
  • Blaise De Framé: Early 18th-century French diplomat and minister to the King of Portugal.
  • Marie-Anne De Framé: Exiled French aristocrat who lived in 19th-century Berlin.
  • Nicolas De Framé: French military leader and commanded a regiment of cavalry in the Seven Years' War.
  • Guillaume De Framé: French statesman, chief of the Royal Council of the Spanish Netherlands in the 1570s.
  • John Frances De Framé: Canadian politician, lawyer, and civil servant.

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