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Surname de Neuville - Meaning and Origin

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de Neuville: What does the surname de Neuville mean?

The surname "de Neuville" is of French origin and is a locational name, typically derived from several places in France that are named Neuville. The prefix "de" in French denotes "from," used to indicate a geographical origin. Thus, "de Neuville" translates to "from Neuville." In French, the term "Neuville" is a composite of two words: "neuve," which means "new," and "ville," which means "town" or "city." Therefore, the full phrase "de Neuville" could be translated into English as something like "from the new town." Surnames like this were often given to individuals who originated from a particular location. In this case, it was likely named to someone from a town called Neuville, which might have been a new settlement at that time.

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de Neuville: Where does the name de Neuville come from?

The last name de Neuville is most commonly found in France, particularly in parts of the north and southeast. It is also prevalent throughout Europe in countries as diverse as Spain, Belgium, and even Britain.

Tracing the name’s history, de Neuville likely originated as a local French town name due to a de Neuville family’s feudal ownership of Neuville-en-Condroz in Liège, Belgium, back in the 1400s. Following the French Revolution, some members of the French de Neuville family added their location into their name as Delanneuville, anglicizing it to Lowndville. This distinction can still be seen today in North America.

Today, the last name de Neuville is uncommon in North America. It is still quite rare in the UK, but bearers of the name can be found in pockets throughout Scotland, England, and Wales.

It is not only a French place name, however; de Neuville was also used as a family name in France. In the 1800s, both noble and non-noble families of the name de Neuville lived throughout the country, and still do today. The last name is especially prevalent in the French departments of Haute-Marne and Aube, located in the northeast regions of the country.

Variations of the surname de Neuville

The surname de Neuville is of French origin and is derived from the name of a place, derived from a word meaning new town or new village. This family name can be spelled various different ways, including:

• de Neuville

• Neuville

• de Neuville de l'Aviron

•de Neufvile

• de Neufville

• DeNeuville

• Neufville

• Neuville-d'Aviron

• Neufvile

• Neufvaille

•de Neville

• De Nevile

• De Neville

• Nevile

• Neville

Variants of the surname may also be found, such as Nouveauville, Noveville, or Novile. Other variants in different languages may appear, such as Nealville or Nuveille in English or Neuviele in German.

The use of suffixes, like -eau, -ault, or -el, may also affect the spelling of the surname, such as DeNouville, DeNouel, Nouvel, or Nouvault. Compound surnames, including Neuville-Balzac, Neuville-du-Poitou, DeNeuville-Aggar, and DeNeuville-Caude can also be found.

The patronymic surnames derived from descendants of the de Neuville family may include: Neuvillois, Neuvillier, Neuville, Neuvillette, Neuvillotte, Neuvilley, Neuviolle, etc.

In short, due to various spellings, suffixes, composing combinations, and derived discriminatory surnames, de Neuville is a name which could be spelt numerous ways and take on various forms.

Famous people with the name de Neuville

  • Louis Dumoulin de Neuville: French statesman, public servant, and theorist.
  • Jean-Baptiste de Neuville: French military commander, general, politician and diplomat.
  • Pierre-Vincent de Neuville: French painter of historical scenes.
  • Alexandre de Neuville: French manufacturer and financier, known for his work on the Parisian railway network.
  • Michel de Neuville: French writer and political columnist.
  • Edouard de Neuville: French philosopher and author.
  • Louis Vandamme de Neuville: French aristocrat and collector of fine and decorative arts.
  • Louis-Auguste de Neuville: French poet and playwright.
  • Armand de Neuville: French sculptor and medalist.
  • Frantz de Neuville: French painter and illustrator.

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