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Surname de Pomeroy - Meaning and Origin

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de Pomeroy: What does the surname de Pomeroy mean?

The surname de Pomeroy is of French origin, deriving from the Old French "pommiere" which means apple tree and "roy" meaning king, hence, it indirectly signifies 'king of apple region'. It is a geographical or territorial surname, which was often given to individuals who resided in, or held lordship over the region of Pomeroy in Normandy, France. The name 'Pomeroy' was first brought to England in the wake of the Norman conquest in 1066, by the de la Pommeraie family who settled in Berry Pomeroy in Devon. Thus, the surname indicates a historical and socio-cultural connection to these regions and the bearing family's status within them. Like many surnames that originate from place names, de Pomeroy also embodies a sense of identity regarding the homeland, heritage, and ancestry.

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de Pomeroy: Where does the name de Pomeroy come from?

The surname de Pomeroy is mostly associated with the Pomeroy family of Devon, England. It originated in the 12th century and is still common in parts of Devon, as well as other parts of the UK, such as Cornwall and Norfolk. Since the 16th century, the Pomeroy family branches in Devon have spread across England and Wales, and many families bearing the de Pomeroy name can be found in North America, Canada, and Australia.

The Pomeroy family is known for its distinguished achievements throughout history. The name has been linked to a number of notable families, including the Earls of Devon, who held Pomeroy Castle until the 18th century. It has also been linked to Sir William Pomeroy, a 16th-century soldier who was knighted for his service in France during the Hundred Years War.

Today, the name de Pomeroy is relatively common in parts of the UK, but also in the rest of the world. In the United States, it is primarily found in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Similarly, it has significant presences in Canada, particularly in Ontario, and can also be found in other parts of the world such as New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. In some of these countries, the usual spelling of the surname is slightly different, as 'de Pomeroy' is often rendered as 'de Pommereau', particularly in French-speaking countries.

Variations of the surname de Pomeroy

The De Pomeroy surname can be spelled in various ways, including Pomeroy, Poumaroy, Pomerai, Pommereau, and Pommeroy. All of these variations originate from a French locational surname derived from a place called Poumaroy or Pomeroy in the arrondissement of Nantes, in the department of La Loire-Atlantique.

The Pomeroy name is also found in the UK and the United States. It began as an English surname after the Norman Conquest of 1066, and judgment rolls from 1243 recorded the name as Old French Pommeroi. The French spelling of the name was adopted in the 17th century following the Protestant migration to Ireland and the UK.

The De Pomeroy family's notable members include Sir Richard de Pomeroy who was appointed Sheriff of Devon in 1295; Bertrand Poumaroy, a French lawyer and statesman; and the 14th-century English knight, Sir John de Pomeroy.

Over the centuries the Pomeroy surname has been used by many different families, merging and adopting variants of the name. Some of these include Pumfrey, Pomfret, Pomphrey, and Pumphrey. The De Pomeroy surname has become more widespread over the centuries, spreading to the United States and becoming more dominant in North America.

Famous people with the name de Pomeroy

  • Baron De Pomeroy, a crusader knight, who originated Pomeroy, a barony in England.
  • Lady Suzanne de Pomeroy, a relative of the famous British family.
  • Richard de Pomeroy, an English medieval knight and Baron of Dartmouth.
  • Thomas de Pomeroy, a 12th-century Anglo-Norman baron.
  • Mary de Pomeroy, a Lady of the British Empire and Countess in England.
  • John de Pomeroy, an English lawyer and judge who became Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.
  • Gwen de Pomeroy, a BBC TV presenter and former Member of Parliament.
  • Edith de Pomeroy, a British-born actress who appeared in numerous movies from the 1940s to the 1970s.
  • Margaret de Pomeroy, a Victorian English socialite and wealthy landowner.
  • William de Pomeroy, a British-born landscape painter and collector.

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