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Surname de Voyer - Meaning and Origin

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de Voyer: What does the surname de Voyer mean?

The last name "de Voyer" is of French origin and likely traces its roots back to the old French word "voier" or "voyeur", meaning "one who watches or observes". In this context, it could signify a person who was tasked with responsibilities such as overseeing a particular area, property, or group of people. The prefix "de" signifies "of" or "from", suggesting geographic or territorial origin, possession, or association. Therefore, "de Voyer" could possibly denote a person from a location named Voyer. The family name de Voyer is a noble surname, well-known in France's history, particularly associated with the de Voyer d'Argenson family who played a significant role in France's political scene. However, interpretations of surnames can vary, and the true meaning may depend on historical and familial contexts. It’s important to note that surnames had a functional purpose and were based on an individual’s occupation, geographic location, or even personal characteristics during the time they were first implemented. It is, therefore, challenging to provide a definitive interpretation.

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de Voyer: Where does the name de Voyer come from?

The last name de Voyer (sometimes also de Voyelles, de Voyellez, de Voielles, de Vojeau, de vojou, and de Vojaou) is a noble French surname of aristocratic lineage, with a long and proud history. The roots of the name have often been traced back to Burgundy, France and the Chateau de Voielles, built by a knight in the 12th century.

The de Voyer family name has been found throughout Europe, with the House of de Voyer à Seboncourt having a particularly long and illustrious history in France. In the UK, the surname was initially concentrated in Kent, and can be found throughout the country today. In Ireland, the de Voyer family has played an important role in many of the major battles of the country's history.

Today, the surname de Voyer is still quite common, especially in France, where the descendants of the original de Voyer clans can still be found. The name is also popular across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Canada. In the United States, the de Voyer name is much less common, although there are some family lines that have come over from Europe in recent generations.

Variations of the surname de Voyer

The surname De Voyer is derived from the Latin word ‘vias’, meaning ‘a road or journey’. It has French and English origins and has a number of possible variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The common French variants of the De Voyer surname include Devoir, Devore, DeVoreaux, Voyer, Voyere, and de Vieux.

The most common English spellings of the surname are Viar, Vieir, Vye, Veir, Viars, Vyer, Vyar, Vears, Veirs, and Venars.

Other surnames of the same origin include Vuurer, Veojor, Voijer, Vuillez, Van Oijen, Ouvrey, Ouwerling, Ureling, Voullaire, Vegers, and Viellers.

The spelling and surname variants of De Voyer depend on the specific region and language of origin. All forms of the name share a common origin in the Latin word ‘vias’, meaning ‘a road or journey’.

Famous people with the name de Voyer

  • Marquis de Voyer d’Argenson: 18th-century French statesman and Minister of War under Louis XV.
  • Christian de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson: 18th-century nobleman and intendant of New France.
  • Louis-René de Voyer de Paulmy, marquis d’Argenson: 18th-century French soldier who served in the Seven Years’ War.
  • René de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson: 18th-century French philologist and writer.
  • Claire de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson: 18th-century French Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry.
  • Emmanuel de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson: 19th-century French politician who served as Minister of Commerce, Minister of the Interior, and Minister of Edcation and Religion.
  • Édouard de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson: 19th-century French diplomat and author.
  • Alfred de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson: 19th-century French scholar and writer.
  • Henri de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson: 20th-century French aristocrat, soldier, and professor of history.
  • Yves de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson: 20th-century French aristocrat and businessman.

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