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Surname Desmoulins - Meaning and Origin

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Desmoulins: What does the surname Desmoulins mean?

The last name Desmoulins is of French origin and it's an occupational surname. The name can be broken into two parts 'des' and 'moulins'. 'Des' is a French preposition which means 'of the' or 'from the', while 'moulins' is the plural form of 'moulin' which translates to 'mill' in English. Therefore, Desmoulins can be interpreted as 'from the mills' or 'of the mills'. This suggests that the original bearers of this surname were likely to have been millers by occupation or lived close to a mill. The name became famous due to Camille Desmoulins, a journalist and politician who played a key role in the French Revolution.

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Desmoulins: Where does the name Desmoulins come from?

The last name Desmoulins is of French origin. It is derived from the old French "des moulin" which means "of the mills." This may imply that the original bearers of the surname Desmoulins were likely millers by trade, or lived near a mill. It is also possible that the name was geographic in nature, given to individuals who resided in an area with notable or abundant mills.

As per present-day distribution, the surname Desmoulins is not incredibly common. However, it is most often found in France, its country of origin. Besides France, it may also be found among French descendants living in countries like Canada and the United States, but it is decidedly less common in these regions. It is interesting to note that Camille Desmoulins was a journalist and politician who played an important role in the French Revolution, hence individuals carrying this surname may potentially trace their lineage back to this significant historical figure. As with many surnames, the geographic distribution can change and spread over time with global migration patterns.

Variations of the surname Desmoulins

The surname Desmoulins is of French origin and can be traced back to the northern region of France. Variations of the surname can be found based on geographic location and phonetic spelling. Some of the common variants include Desmoulin, Desmoulines, Desmolin, Desmolins, and Desmoline.

Moreover, the surname might also be derived or developed into other surnames over the years due to marriages, adoptions or anglicization, for example. Surnames which might have the same origin could include Moulin, Moulins, and Melin, which all mean "mill" in French.

However, it is important to note that these surnames might not always have a connection to Desmoulins; they could have developed independently based on occupations or locations. Linguistic variations in how French words are pronounced in different regions can also lead to different spellings.

It is also common for French surnames to have "de" in front of them, indicating "from" or "of". For instance, the surname Desmoulins might have originated from the name of a place, possibly where there was a mill. This adheres to the common practice of using place names or professions in French surnames.

Famous people with the name Desmoulins

  • Camille Desmoulins (1760-1794): A French revolutionary, journalist and politician known best for his fiery rhetoric during the French Revolution.
  • Robert Desmoulins (1776-1842): A French businessman known for his pioneering industrial ventures, focused on transportation and engineering.
  • Jacques Desmoulins (1720-1802): A French malacologist and zoologist who wrote several books on fish, shellfish, and the sea.
  • Claude-François-Xavier Desmoulins (1749-1820): A French revolutionary and politician who wrote pamphlets and books about the people's struggle against oppressive regimes.
  • Louis-Victor Desmoulins (1798-1883): A French paleontologist and zoologist. He wrote several important books on the subject of mollusks and fossils.
  • Théodore Desmoulins (1787-1862): A French playwright, poet, and novelist who wrote plays about the social and political struggles of the French people during his time.
  • Jean-Baptiste Desmoulins (1744-1817): A French playwright, novelist, and librettist, best known for writing patriotic and satirical plays about the French Revolution.
  • Marie-Victorine Desmoulins (1770-1853): A French poet and educator, best known for her Patriotisme politique, which was published in 1803 and denounced Corsican tyranny.
  • Louise Desmoulins (1785: 1826): A French painter and miniature artist, best known for her portrait of the members of the high society of her time.
  • Amédée Desmoulins (1744-1793): A French lawyer, best known for his role in the French Revolution. He was a significant part of the national assembly and the Legislative Assembly, and also drafted the revolutionary Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

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