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Surname Duffus - Meaning and Origin

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Duffus: What does the surname Duffus mean?

The last name Duffus is thought to be of Scottish origin and likely derived from the Gaelic word "dubh-uisge" which translates as "dark water". This suggests that the family may have originated near a body of dark water near their ancestral homeland in Scotland.

The Duffus surname is thought to have first appeared in Scotland during the early 13th century, in Scotland's Moray Liberty. The Duffus name may also have derived from a personal name, with the addition of the Old English term "hus" meaning "house". It is thought that the first bearer of the name may have been a smallholder of considerable influence in his local area.

The Duffus surname can be found in records as far back as 1363 in Scotland when King David II granted lands to Uchtredus filius de Duffus. Over the centuries, the name would have become dispersed across Scotland and abroad.

Today, the name Duffus is particularly associated with the Highlands of Scotland. It is one of the more common surname variants in this region, and is also found in some parts of Ireland, Europe, North America and Australia.

The Duffus family crest typically features a yellow lion on a blue shield, to symbolise strength and power. The Duffus motto is "Amo Propria", meaning "I love my own".

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Duffus: Where does the name Duffus come from?

The last name Duffus is most commonly found today in Scotland and Ireland. In particular, it is most commonly found in the counties of Angus, Fife and Perth in Scotland, and in the province of Ulster in Ireland. It is also found in various other areas of the United Kingdom, as well as the former British colonies of Canada, United States and Australia.

According to the 1881 UK census, the last name Duffus was most commonly found in Angus, Fife and Perth, with over 1500 individuals living in those areas bearing the surname. Since then, the surname has seen a decline in numbers, however, it remains more commonly found in Scotland and Ireland than anywhere else in the world.

Throughout the British Isles, a variety of different spellings of the surname Duffus have been found, such as Duffuss, Duffes, Doufes, Doufus and Dieffuss. Additionally, it is both an English and Scottish surname, coming from both Old English & Gaelic origins - with the former originating from Old English dūfe meaning ‘dove’ and the latter originating from the Gaelic Mac Dhuibhsigh, meaning ‘son of Dubhsighe’.

The Duffus family's original homeland is believed to have been located around the Bassendean, near Inverkeithing in Fife. Since the 16th century, members of the family have been known to be located in various parts of Scotland including Angus, Fife and Perth, as well as in the northern parts of Ireland.

Variations of the surname Duffus

The surname Duffus is derived from both Gaelic and Old English, suggesting that its original bearers could have been found in both Scotland and England. The name traces its heritage back to being a local surname, referring to a person from Duffus, a location in Moray, Scotland.

The variants, spelling and surnames associated with the origin of Duffus include Dufas (Gaelic), Duffes (English), Duffie (English), Dufus (Gaelic), Duffuss (English), Duffus, Dufus (Gaelic), Duffass (English), Duffose (English) and Duffosee (English).

Within Scotland, Duffus is found mostly in Moray, Aberdeenshire and Fife. Outside Scotland, Duffus is most common in the United States, Canada, Australia, England and Wales.

The surname Duffus has also been used as a nickname for members of the Duffus family or for those with a family heritage that created a link back to the origins of the surname. The nickname often associated with Duffus includes the ‘Duff’ or simply ‘Duffy’.

The original form of the surname, Duffus, originated as a personal or topographical identifier, a local surname, derived from “Duf”, a Gaelic word meaning a ‘dark, deep bog or pool’. As such, Duffus can be considered as a locative surname representing the Duffus area in Moray and refers to someone who came from that place.

The spread of the Duffus surname over the centuries means that the name, and its variants, can now be found across the English-speaking world.

Famous people with the name Duffus

  • Marlon Duffus: Caribbean musician and performer who is well known for being a part of the dancehall and reggae scene in Jamaica.
  • Chris Duffus: Former American professional basketball player who won numerous championships in the NBA.
  • Anene Duffus: Nigerian actress, lawyer and politician. She is best known for her role in the movie “Kabaddi Boys”.
  • Amy Duffus: Scottish musician and producer who has released two albums under the name “Brandy Bones”.
  • Johnny Duffus: British rock musician who has played with several bands including The Strawbs and U.F.O.
  • Stephen Duffus: British actor who is best known for his roles in films like “Call Girl” and television series like “The Bill”.
  • Ava Duffus: American singer songwriter, guitarist and producer who is widely known for her song “Lava”.
  • Mark Duffus: Canadian professional hockey player who has played for the AHL’s Rochester Americans.
  • Caroline Duffus: American artist, writer and creative entrepreneur who is the founder of the ‘Maker House’.
  • Austin Duffus: Professional boxer and mixed martial artist who has had a successful career in the world of combat sports.

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