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Surname Facius - Meaning and Origin

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Facius: What does the surname Facius mean?

The last name Facius is thought to have originated in Germany. Although the precise meaning of the name is up for debate, there are a few prevailing theories on its origin.

Some believe the name is derived from an ancient furrier profession, signifying the one who cuts fur or leather as a living. The occupational name literally translates to “furrier” in Latin, derived from “facio” (to make).

Another possible source is the Latin word “facia” which translates to “face”. The surname likely originated as a descriptor of an individual’s physical features—likely their facial features.

Other variations of the surname Facius appear in records going as far back as the 13th century, and there are several variants in different countries, including Fazio, which is common in Italy, and Fauss, common in France.

Since its original appearance in Germany, the surname has spread throughout the world and has no known connection to any particular family. Over the centuries, the meaning of the name may have shifted and adapted to the language of the countries it spread to.

The surname Facius is an enduring legacy of the German culture, but its precise meaning remains elusive. Although the exact origin of the name may remain a mystery, it’s a testament to its impact and longevity that it has survived and been adapted throughout many countries over hundreds of years.

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Facius: Where does the name Facius come from?

The last name Facius is most commonly found in the country of Germany. In fact, according to, it is estimated that there are over 10,000 families in Germany who have this common last name. It is likely that this last name originated from the Latin word Facius, which means "smith". It is also possible that this last name comes from a Slavic origin, and could have emerged from the Pomeranian or Silesian area of Germany.

The majority of Facius families live in Rheinland-Pfalz, which is a state in western Germany. Other concentrations of Facius families are located in Nordrhein-Westfalen, a state located in the northwest of the country, and in Bayern, which is a state located in the southern part of Germany.

Outside of Germany, the last name Facius can be found in LA United States, where the first records of the Facius family were found in 1848. They are also found in Chile, Greece, and various other European countries. As immigration has increased, more and more people with the last name Facius have begun to populate other countries around the world.

Overall, the Facius surname today is mostly associated with Germany. It remains popular in some parts of the world today, and is likely to remain in existence for many more generations to come.

Variations of the surname Facius

Facius is a surname of French and German etymology, usually spelled with a “c” in the English spelling. There are other spellings of the surname, such as Facchius, Facci, Faccio, Falciano, and Falconi.

In France and Germany, the surname can also be spelled as Fassius, Fackeus or Fasskeus, and Falck. In some cases, it could be spelled with an “s” in the middle, such as Fassius or Faskius.

The German form of the surname is usually spelled Falck or Falk. It is also sometimes spelled Falke, Fahlck, and Falken.

In Italy, variants of the surname can be spelled Falcione, Falcone, Falchi, and Fascio.

In France, the surname Facius is sometimes spelled Faccus, Facque and Facques. In other cases, the two syllables of the surname can be combined into one, with spellings such as Fack, Fackes, Facks, Fax, and Faxes.

In Spain, the surname Facius can also be spelled Facio or Faci.

The surname has numerous variants from other European countries, including Facchin in Portugal, Facchi in Hungary, and Faicus in Romania.

Overall, there are many different spellings and variants of the surname Facius, and it may be spelled differently depending on the country of origin.

Famous people with the name Facius

  • Claudio Facius: Swiss keyboard player and composer
  • Adriane Facius: German television and film actress
  • Nikolaus Facius: German mathematician and astronomer
  • Maria Facius: German actress
  • Frauke Facius: German model
  • Sanja Facius: Sanja Facius German soccer player
  • William Facius: German historian
  • Wolfgang Facius: German opera singer
  • Kai Facius: German visual artist
  • Ulla Facius: German model and actress

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