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Surname Falkson - Meaning and Origin

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Falkson: What does the surname Falkson mean?

The last name FALKSON is derived from the Old Norse language and is a patronymic surname, meaning 'son of Falke/Falco.' The name is a combination of the words 'falke/falco' meaning 'falcon' and 'son' meaning 'son.'

Historically the Falkson surname was often thought to symbolize and memorialize a family's connection or ancestry to a falcon trainer, or a leader of a hunting party. In some cases, the surname is thought to have been adopted by those who had resided at a place where the falcon was a native or familiar species.

The Falkson surname was first found in Germany, likely being brought to the country by the Norse Vikings during the Middle Ages. The name is also common in Scandinavia, particularly in Sweden. It can also be found in other parts of Europe, including Britain, where it is most commonly found in the east of England.

The Falkson surname is made up of many variant spellings, some of which include FALKISEN, FALKISON, FALCONSEN, and FALKESEN, among others. It is a rare surname today, with fewer than 1,000 people recorded bearing the name in the United States alone.

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Falkson: Where does the name Falkson come from?

The last name Falkson is primarily found in Sweden. However, it is also common in parts of the United States, Canada, and Germany.

In Sweden, the name is most concentrated in Göteborg county; however, it can also be found in large numbers throughout Sweden's south and west coast regions, as well as in some of its northern and central provinces. The name is also somewhat common in all three of Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

In the United States, Falkson can be found in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota in the Midwestern United States, while the name is most strongly associated with the states of Oregon and Alaska - with larger numbers than elsewhere in the United States - in the Pacific Northwest, as well as California, Colorado, and Washington in the Western US.

In Canada, Falkson is most strongly associated with Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, but it is also present in Québec, Manitoba, and the three Maritime provinces.

In Germany, the name is scattered in small numbers all throughout the country. Globally, the name Falkson is estimated to be held by around 57,000 individuals, the majority of which live in Sweden and the United States.

Variations of the surname Falkson

Falkson is a Germanic surname originating from the Old High German name Faleco. Variant spellings of this surname include Falcsson, Falcken, Falke, Faulken, and Faulkner. There are also combinations of this name such as Faleson, Falson, Faulksen, and Falkeson. In some cases, the spelling has been modified slightly, such as Falckman, Falksen, or Folkson.

Another variant of Falkson is Folker. Folker is a Germanic surname originating from the Middle High German name Volkser, which means ‘he who rules people’. Variants of Folker include Folckers, Folkerin, Folckersen, Folckerson, and Volcker.

In Swedish, the name Falkson is spelled Falckson. Variations of this name include Falkeson, Falkesen, and Falksonn.

In Danish, the name Falkson is spelled Folken. Variants of this name include Folen, Folkensen, Falkersen, and Folkenson.

In Norwegian, the name Falkson is spelled Falcken. Variations of this name include Falckens, Falkesen, Falkenson, Falkersen, and Falkersson.

In Polish, the name Falkson is spelled Fałcowski. Variations of this name include Fałckerson, Fałckowski, Fałcka, and Fałczański.

In Dutch, the name Falkson is spelled Valken. Variations of this name include Valkersen and Valcke.

Moreover, some of these variants have Anglicized spellings that are used in English-speaking countries, such as Vanderbilt, Von Falken, Volker, and Valken. All of these variants and spellings ultimately stem from the same roots and have similar meanings.

Famous people with the name Falkson

  • Darrell Falkson, a 1980s Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Sheldon Falkson, an actor known for his roles in “Tales from the Crypt” and in “Stargate SG-1”
  • Torald Falkson, an American railroad executive
  • David Falkson, a notable television screenwriter and playwright
  • Gustav Falkson, a Swiss-American Protestant theologian
  • Deborah Falkson, an American poet
  • Kobe Falkson, a professional skateboarder
  • Eugenio Falkson, an Italian stage and film actor
  • Robin Falkson, an American voice actor
  • Gail Falkson, a Canadian singer-songwriter

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