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Surname Fearnehough - Meaning and Origin

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Fearnehough: What does the surname Fearnehough mean?

The last name Fearnehough is a topographical surname derived from the Old English phrases "fearn" and "hou" which translate to "fern" and "hill" respectively. It is believed that the earliest people who took the name Fearnehough originally lived on a hill covered in ferns.

The Fearnehough family has had a presence in England since the 13th century and is still widely documented in the region today. It is a locational surname specific to Northern England, particularly in counties such as Lancashire, Cheshire, and Yorkshire.

The Fearnehough family originated as a noble family from Warrington, Lancashire in the 13th century, and over time their influence spread across the country, earning them the title of Paragon of Lancashire. They have proven to be a serious, reliable, and loyal family throughout history, with many well-known members being credited for their services in military campaigns such as the Battle of Hastings.

Today, the surname Fearnehough is not as widely used within the British population as in the past. However, it is still used around the world by its many descendants, ranging from North America to Australia, among other locations.

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Fearnehough: Where does the name Fearnehough come from?

The last name Fearnehough is primarily associated with the English region of Cheshire, as well as nearby areas such as Merseyside and Lancashire. It is an Anglo-Saxon surname derived from the Old English word 'fearn' which means 'fern'.

Fearnehough can still be found in these regions today, although it is still uncommon. This is due to the Norman Conquest of 1066 which resulted in the reallocation of surnames and the dilution of many Anglo-Saxon surnames. However, the name is still used in various parts of England and has even been passed onto other parts of the world with those who have Warrington ancestry.

Fearnehough can be found in other parts of the United Kingdom, ranging from the North West of England to the Midlands and South West England. It can also be found in the United States, particularly in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, California, and Florida.

In addition, the name Fearnehough can now be found in parts of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other countries around the world. It is likely that many people with this name have ancestral ties to the city of Warrington in Cheshire, making Fearnehough a truly global surname today.

Variations of the surname Fearnehough

The surname Fearnehough has various variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin.

Common variants of the Fearnehough surname include Ferenough, Fernhough, Fernihough, Fernehugh, Fernehough, Ferneyhough, Feryninugh, Fotherough, Fotherstrugh, and Fothertngh. Spellings of the surname vary, sometimes from generation to generation, and include Fearenhaugh, Fearnhaugh, Fearnhaugh, Fearnhogh, Fearnongh, Fernhoogh, Fernelagh, Fernelawgh, Ferniho, Feurneha, Feurnhoh, and Ferniha.

Other surnames of the same origin include Furnan, Furnon, Farne, Fieldhough, Fieldhaug, Fieldhaughs, Fieldhogs, Ferrinough, Firn, Ferniho, Fremond, Fernhoogh, Fran, Farnough, Finnhou, and Freigh.

The origins of the Fearnehough surname are found in the Old Norse words “Fjarr”, which means danger, and “haugas”, which means hill. It is believed that this surname was established by vikings who settled in the British Isles. It was also common to have surnames which were based on physical characteristics or someone’s given name. Thus, the Fearnehough surname could be derived from someone with the given name of Fearne or who was associated with a hill or danger.

Famous people with the name Fearnehough

  • DJ Fearnehough: English DJ, television presenter and voice-over artist
  • Daisy Fearnehough: English footballer
  • George Fearnehough: British actor
  • Robert Fearnehough: British poet and journalist
  • Paul Fearnehough: British writer and producer
  • Andrew Fearnehough: English musician and producer
  • Glyn Fearnehough: Welsh rugby union player
  • Emily Fearnehough: English long-distance runner
  • Esther Fearnehough: English international swimmer
  • Romeo Fearnehough: English actor

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