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Surname Felker - Meaning and Origin

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Felker: What does the surname Felker mean?

The surname Felker is of German origin, stemming from Middle High German term "velch" or "felch," which typically referred to a stranger or visitor from a foreign land, often Italy or the Roman Empire. Thus, the Felker surname initially could have been used to designate someone who was a foreigner or had links to foreign lands. Over time, such geographic or national identifiers often evolved into family surnames as they were passed on to subsequent generations. It's important to note that the exact interpretation of a surname can vary because names were generally given based on personal characteristics, occupational references, geographic origin or even based on a particular anecdote or event. Therefore, while the most common interpretation of Felker is "foreigner," there could be other interpretations depending on the family line's history and origin.

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Felker: Where does the name Felker come from?

The last name Felker is most common in the United States today. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Felker is the 6,479th most common surname in the United States, with a population of approximately 6,982 people. It is found mostly in the South and Midwest, with higher concentrations in Texas and Oklahoma. The majority of those with the surname Felker are of European descent.

The Felker surname is believed to have originated with immigrants from languages such as German, Dutch, and French. It may have first emerged in the United States prior to the Revolutionary War when Europeans first began settling the country. It is also believed that Felkers originated in the area of present-day Germany, likely in the Bavarian region.

The Felker family name is found in records from the Colonial era and is found in documents dating back to the 1700s. Over time, the name has been spelled in a variety of ways, including Falker, Felkar, Fulker, and Felkner.

The distribution of the Felker surname has remained fairly stable since the turn of the 19th century. It continues to be found across the United States and is most popular in the state of Texas.

Variations of the surname Felker

The surname Felker has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Those variants and spellings are: Felchner, Volcker, Volkner, Velker, Felcar, and Flecher.

The Felker surname first arose amongst the German people. It is derived from the German term 'felch' meaning 'forger' or 'iron cutter' and identifies the family as having some historical connection with this craft. The name was used by a craftsman who was skilled in carving and repairing metal goods.

The variants of Felker are of the same origin, and are derived from the same source as Felker. The spelling of 'Volkner' for example is derived from the German term 'volk' meaning 'people', and over time the spelling evolved into Felker.

The surname Felcar is derived from a similar origin, this time from the Latin term 'Falcarius' meaning 'sickle-maker'. It is believed that it was used for a peasant farmer, someone who had to use a sickle to cut and gather grain.

The spelling of Flecher is derived from the French term 'fléchier' meaning 'archer', and was used for someone who was an expert in making and using bows and arrows.

All of these names and spellings evolved over time and have similar historical roots. They all indicate some type of craft, from ironwork to archery, and show a connection to the ancient trades of Germanic settlements.

Famous people with the name Felker

  • Marcia Felker- author, playwright, and activist
  • Douglas Felker- aerospace engineer and physicist
  • Tom Felker- American actor
  • William Felker- author, lecturer, and former member of the United States Air Force
  • Karen Felker- American water polo player
  • Benjamin Felker- former NFL running back
  • Martin Felker- former congressman from Wisconsin
  • Eric Felker- American basketball player
  • Karen Felker DeLong- American artist
  • George Felker- American film and television producer

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