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Surname Felmet - Meaning and Origin

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Felmet: What does the surname Felmet mean?

The last name Felmet is of German origin, and it carries the meaning of "ecclesiastical judge". This could possibly refer to someone who held a leadership position within a religious court or administered justice of a spiritual nature. This name likely originated in the Middle Ages, when Fehmen or "ecclesiastical judges" held prominent positions within various religious courts.

The surname Felmet is most often associated with the southern region of Germany. It is most commonly found in Bavaria, where it began its journey to becoming a widely known family name.

Felmet families were historically very devout and did their best to live a life that was in line with their religious beliefs. It was considered a great honor to serve as a "Fehme", and families often associated their lineage with that title in order to connect themselves to a much respected position within their community.

Today, Felmet is a relatively uncommon last name that is still mostly associated with Germany. It is possible to find families with this surname living all over the globe, but it still remains most concentrated in the original region of Germany.

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Felmet: Where does the name Felmet come from?

The last name Felmet is most commonly found in Germany and the surrounding countries. It is most prevalent in the area of the German-speaking nation of Switzerland, where records indicate that it was used as early as the 16th century. In Germany, the name is found in regions around the cities of Munich, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt. In recent years, it has spread to other parts of Europe, such as Austria, France, and even the U.K.

In the United States, the last name Felmet originated primarily from German immigrants who settled in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Records from the 1910 U.S. Census show that the last name was most prevalent in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Kentucky. From these states, a small number of families with the last name Felmet also settled in other states in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions such as Ohio and Michigan.

Another area in which the last name is found is in Argentina, where German-speaking immigrants settled during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, the last name Felmet is found in small numbers in both the Buenos Aires and Santa Fe provinces.

The last name Felmet has also been quite successful in spreading to other parts of the world outside of Europe and the Americas, thanks to the frequent migrations of people with the name to new locations. Currently, the name is found in small numbers in Israel, Australia, and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Felmet

The surname Felmet is of French origin, with some Italian variants of the same name. It is derived from the Medieval Latin Ferrarius, meaning ‘iron worker’. The origin of the Felmet surname lies in the Pyrenees region of France, with some Italian extended variants.

The most common spellings of the Felmet surname in France would be Felmet, Felmets, Felmetz, Felmetts, Felmetx, Felmett, Felmetto, and Flemet.

Extended variants of the Felmet surname include Fermet, Ferré, Ferra, Ferrer, Ferri, Ferrio, Ferrioir, Ferriss, Ferrissant, Ferrisse, Ferrone, Ferronet, Ferronez, Ferrand, Ferrato, Ferrari, Ferraris, and Ferran.

In Italy, Italian versions of the Felmet surname include Fernero, Ferrante, Ferrarsi, Ferrari, Ferrario, Ferrarisso, Ferrarotti, Ferrarotti, Ferretti, Ferretti, Ferri, Ferro, Ferroncelli, Ferroni, Ferronier, Ferrucci, Ferrando and Ferrè.

In Spanish, variants of Felmet includeFerrer, Ferrand, Ferrando, Ferraria, Ferrera, Ferré, Ferrío, Ferrón and Ferrónnet.

In Germany, versions of Felmet include Felmitt, Felmets, Felmetz, Felmett, Felmetto and Felmetz.

In other regions of Europe, the Felmet surname has variants such as Fahrney, Fermine, Fermo, Furman, Farman, Farmo, Fernández, Ferman, Forman and Furmanac.

In America, variants of Felmet may include Ferrera, Ferrar, Ferrarotti, Ferraro, Ferratti, Ferretti, Ferri, Ferriz, Ferrone, Ferronet, Ferroni, Ferrón and Ferrónnet.

In Australia, variants of Felmet include Thornstock, Farman, Fernance, Ferrante, Ferrer, Ferré, Ferriss, Ferrissant, Ferrone, Ferronet, Ferronez, Ferraris, Ferroni, Ferrón and Ferrónnet.

In the UK, variants of the Felmet surname include Faire, Fairman, Firme, Ferman, Fermann, Furman and Furmann.

Famous people with the name Felmet

  • Bernd Felmet: a former East German shot putter who competed at the 1972 Olympics.
  • Graham Felmet: an American television executive who worked as the vice president of programming at USA Network during the 1980s.
  • Savanna Felmet: an actress best known for her roles on the soap opera General Hospital and the Netflix series The Defenders.
  • Martina Felmet: a German volleyball player who competed at the 1984 Olympics.
  • Hana Felmet: a scientist and professor best known for her work in the field of biomechanics and kinesiology.
  • Jacqueline Element-Felmet: an American writer and political strategist.
  • Luke Felmet: a professional baseball player in the minor leagues.
  • Annemarie Felmet: a German photographer who has exhibited her work around the world.
  • Sören Felmet: a German businessman and entrepreneur.
  • Emma Felmet: an American fashion designer who has been featured in Los Angeles Magazine.

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