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Surname Floericke - Meaning and Origin

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Floericke: What does the surname Floericke mean?

The last name Floericke is of German origin and is believed to be a topographic name, based on the landscape of where the family came from. It is derived from the Old High German verb ‘fluor’ which means ‘to flow’, likely because the family once lived near a body of water.

The Floerickes were primarily found in the former German empire, which spread across much of the current day nations of Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. The Floerickes were usually small scale farmers or agricultural laborers, making it likely that they did indeed once live near a river or lake, as the ‘flow’ part of their name implies.

With the advent of more modern transportation, many of the Floerickes that remained in the area were able to move to larger cities or even different countries. However, during the time that the Floerickes lived in the area, it is likely that they were familiar with the waters that surrounded their homes, and also that their name reflected that presence of water.

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Floericke: Where does the name Floericke come from?

The surname Floericke is not particularly common today, but it is primarily found in Germany, especially in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. The vast majority of bearers live today in the area around Cologne or in the northern part of Lower Saxony.

The origin of this name derives from a medieval personal name, which was composed of the elements “floer” meaning “spirit” and “riche” meaning “ruler”. It is likely that the first bearers of the name were exceptionally strong-willed, determined individuals.

It is possible to find references to the surname as far back as 1682 where a Maria Floericke is mentioned as the daughter of the infamous Matthias Clostermanns, a protestant preacher who was executed by the government of Cologne in 1683. Later records from 1702 include a “Martha Floericke” who married a certain “C. Bodenstein” in the city of Düsseldorf.

The surname in its various spellings (Floericke, Floerike, Fleerike) is also found amongst African-American families who can trace their lineage to a German ancestor with this name. As a result of this, there may be many more Floerickes living in the United States today but without being aware of its foreign origins.

Today, the name is still found primarily in Germany, with only a handful of appearacingin other countries.

Variations of the surname Floericke

Floericke is an uncommon surname that is believed to originate from an Old High German personal name, Floretekin. Variations of the surname are Floerke, Fleurke, Fleerkes, Floercken, Fleercken, Floerckes, Fleerckes, Floreck, Florick, and Florik. The spelling of the surname often varied over the centuries in many countries due to the lack of a consistent way to keep records and the widespread illiteracy of the time.

In the United States, some of these surnames have been shortened to Florick, Fleurke, and Floerke, leaving most of the originals nearly unaffected. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other parts of Europe, the name is more commonly spelled Florik. The spelling Fliericke (or Flyerke) with a "y" instead of an "o" is popular in The Netherlands and some parts of Germany.

Floreck, Florick, and Florik are often used interchangeably with each other but have slightly different pronunciations. Floericke, Floerke, and Fleurke have similar pronunciations despite the differences in spelling. Floercken, Floerckes, Fleercken, and Fleerckes are all variations of the same name.

No matter which spelling is used, the Floericke surname is unique and has been traced back centuries, making it one of the oldest surnames in Europe and the United States.

Famous people with the name Floericke

  • Paul Flöricke: German physicist and mathematician best known for his contributions to the theory of analytic function
  • Wilhelm Flöricke: German architect and conservationist who was a founding figure in the field of historic-monument preservation
  • Walter Flöricke: German lawyer, medievalist, and art historian, best known for his collection of church and town architectural drawings
  • Ernest Flöricke: German professor of obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Friedrich Flöricke: German naval officer who commanded a ship during World War I
  • Karl Flöricke: German minister of mines from 1892 to 1893
  • Johann Flöricke: German professor of medicine known as an anatomist, embryologist, and pathologist
  • Albert Flöricke: German mathematician who made many contributions to differential geometry and the calculus of variations
  • Hermann Flöricke: German composer, conductor, and violinist who composed musical works ranging from operas to chamber pieces
  • Edgar J. Flöricke: German airship constructor and engineer who helped develop the rigid airship ZR-3 as well as other airships during the interwar years

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