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Surname Kahlmann - Meaning and Origin

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Kahlmann: What does the surname Kahlmann mean?

The last name Kahlmann is of German origin. It is derived from the words kahl meaning “bald” or “bare” and mann meaning “man”. As such, the meaning of this surname is “bald man”, suggesting an ancestor with a shaved or bald head. This name is most common in Germany, and it is believed that most of the Kahlmanns living today descend from two men who settled in the area during the early Middle Ages.

From a genealogical standpoint, Kahlmann is considered to be a very old, established surname with many branches and offshoot families. It is divided into several distinct subgroups: Kahlmann of Thuringia, Kahlmann of Schwaben, and Kahlmann of the Bavarian Alps.

The Kahlmanns have also spread to other countries throughout the centuries. With many having settled in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, it is likely that some of the Kahlmanns living today may originate from these areas.

The Kahlmann surname continues to be fairly common today, especially in Germany, where most of the bearers can be found. In addition to those of German descent, the Kahlmanns can also be found among those of English, Irish, Eastern European, and Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.

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Kahlmann: Where does the name Kahlmann come from?

The last name Kahlmann is a relatively common name throughout Germany and parts of Central Europe and Scandinavia. The name first appeared during the Middle Ages and has been a popular family name for centuries. Today, it is most common in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In Germany, it is concentrated in the northern states of Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, as well as Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate. The name is also popular in Austria, where it mainly originates in the Vienna area and Tyrol. In Switzerland, the name is most commonly found in the canton of Zurich.

Outside of Europe, the name is not as common, but is found in the United States and Canada. In the US, the name has mainly been found in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio. In Canada, Kahlmann is most often associated with Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Overall, the last name Kahlmann is most strongly associated with Germany, but is also relatively common in Central Europe, Scandinavia, and parts of North America.

Variations of the surname Kahlmann

The surname Kahlmann is an occupational surname. It originated from the German word "Kahlmacher," which literally means a comb maker. The variants of this surname are Kahlemann, Kallemann, Kahlmacher, Kahlman, Kalman, Kalmann, Kalmacher, Kalemann, Kalmanns, Kalmmann, Kalemacher, Kalmes, Kolman and Kolmann.

In the 1700's, some spellings of this surname may have been modified to Kahlmann due to a change in the standard of writing surnames, making it easier to read and remember. However, many families kept the original spelling of Kalmann, Kalmacher, Kalemann, Kalmanns, Kalmmann, Kalemacher, Kalmes, Kolman and Kolmann. For example, in the US Census of 1880, the surnames Kalman, Kalemann and Kalmann were listed under the Kahlmann surname.

The surname is believed to have been derived from a profession as a comb maker. This profession was popular among members of the Jewish and German communities. This resulted in different spellings being adopted by members of various communities.

The surname can also be found in other languages, including Yiddish (כעלמאן), Lithuanian (Kalmanas), Hungarian (Kálmán), and Slovenian (Kolman).

It appears that the surname Kahlmann is mainly found in Germany and countries with German-speaking populations. Nonetheless, the surname can also be found in smaller numbers in countries like the United States, France, the Netherlands, as well as other countries around the world.

Famous people with the name Kahlmann

  • Wolfgang Kahlmann: German publicist and publisher
  • Alison Kahlmann: Austrian artist
  • E. Philip Kahlmann: American industrialist and philanthropist
  • Konrad Kahlmann: German anatomist
  • Friedrich Kahlmann: German chaplain and theologian
  • Erich Kahlmann: German geographer
  • Cristina Kahlmann: French singer and songwriter
  • Richard Kahlmann: German politician and ambassador
  • Bernhard Kahlmann: German jurist and professor
  • Robert Kahlmann: American architect and author

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