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Surname Kielau - Meaning and Origin

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Kielau: What does the surname Kielau mean?

The last name Kielau is derived from the German word kiele which translates to ‘marsh,’ ‘swamp’ or ‘lowland.’ The name is thought to have originated in the northern part of Germany, with many bearers of the name being found in Prussia before World War II.

The surname is not common in the United States, but is found more frequently in Germany, Austria, and Poland, where it is believed that the family moved after the war and where it is still in use today.

Historically, individuals with the Kielau name would have been peasants who had moved to marshy or lowland areas which were often found in the northern areas of Germany. Its connotation also implies a sense of resourcefulness and independence since challenging terrain would certainly require farmers of that time to be inventive and resilient to thrive.

Kielau is believed to be a nickname for some of these people, as it implies that they were lifelong residents of swamps or marshy areas, and it could denote an attitude of the people who made such an environment their home. Those that take this name with pride likely recognize the strength, independence, and resourcefulness of their ancestors, and continue the legacy by living and working in muddy terrain with determination and grit.

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Kielau: Where does the name Kielau come from?

The last name Kielau is of German origin and can still be found predominantly in parts of Germany, as well as in Germany's bordering countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Switzerland.

The earliest recorded use of the Kielau surname is believed to be in the Schleswig-Holstein region of northern Germany, dating back to at least the 16th century. Since then, records have indicated that various branches of the Kielau family have spread across Germany and the surrounding countries.

In more recent times, the Kielau surnames has also spread to other parts of the world - mainly through emigration from Germany during the 19th century and early- to mid-20th century. Now, the Kielau name can be found in various parts of the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, to name just a few.

Overall, it is safe to say that today the surname Kielau is still most commonly found in the parts of Europe it has traditionally been linked to. Furthermore, with various emigration patterns that have taken place around the world over the last two centuries or so, it is also possible to find the Kielau name in far-在d places.

Variations of the surname Kielau

Kielau is a surname of German origin, which is found most commonly in Northern Germany. Variants of the surname include Kiehlau, Kiehl, Kielo, Kielich, and Kiele.

In parts of Germany, the spelling Kehlau is also found. In some cases, the surname is spelled with the digraph 'ei', as in K ie lau. In the Austrian version of the surname, K iel lau is often seen. Another variant is Kyelau, which is the form found in some regions of Poland.

In some cases, the surname has been shortened to the form Kiele, Kle, or Klo. The Anglicized form of the surname is Kealy or Keeliy.

In the Netherlands, variants of Kielau, such as Kielo, Kielich, Kielauw, and Kielho, have been found. In the Czech Republic, forms of the surname such as Kielo, Kielen, Kielik, and Kieles have been recorded.

While the form of the surname might vary from region to region, it is still possible to trace Kielau and its variants to their origin; the Germanic languages of Northern Europe. This is why many of the variants have similar spellings, as they are all derived from either German or Slavic.

Famous people with the name Kielau

  • Joann Kielau: German-born American animation producer, who has worked on shows such as The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, and The Boondocks.
  • Shin Kielau: Opera singer and Artistic Director at Tokyo’s New National Theater.
  • Oli Kielau: Soccer player who plays for the German Third League's FSV Zwickau.
  • Axel Kielau: German sprint canoeist who won a silver medal at the 1985 European Under-23 Canoe Sprint Championships.
  • Hans Kielau: German Post-Impressionist painter in the late 19th century and early 20th century, renowned for his landscape and portrait works.
  • John Kielau: Longtime programmer for the American internet radio station Live365.
  • Paulina Kielau: Polish contemporary artist, renowned for her abstract oil paintings and sculptural works.
  • Jimmy Kielau: American record producer, engineer, artist, and songwriter, noted for his work with indie pop groups like Cults and Juliette and the Licks.
  • Lyn Kielau: Professional Florida interior designer specializing in custom-made furniture and décor, using sustainable and sustainable-design practices.
  • Renate Kielau: Retired Bavarian gardener and horticulturalist, known for extensive practical contributions to the sciences of botany and dendrology.

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