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Surname Kielmayer - Meaning and Origin

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Kielmayer: What does the surname Kielmayer mean?

The last name Kielmayer is of German origin and is derived from the German word "Kiel" meaning "keel," which is a central structure used to keep a boat balanced while navigating in water, and the German word "mayer" meaning "Mayor" or a head of a town. The surname is likely to have derived from a place from which a person may have hailed, and they may have held a title of head mayor or high authority in the region.

Kielmayer is an old family name; it traces its earliest records to the late 1500's in southeast Germany, likely in present-day Bavaria. During the 1800s, many Kielmayer’s migrated to other European countries and North America in search of better opportunities.

Modern day Kielmayers have established themselves in professions across the world. Many of them continue to maintain the strong work ethic and creative spirit that characterized their ancestors. They are remembered for achieving the American dream and instilling a sense of pride in their families and communities.

The Kielmayer legacy is still celebrated through gatherings, reunions, and memorials. Above all, the Kielmayer family emphasizes the importance of service and loyalty to one’s family. And as the Kielmayer generations continue to grow and expand in every corner of the world, the family’s long-standing commitment to honor their heritage and work hard will remain a vital part of their character.

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Kielmayer: Where does the name Kielmayer come from?

The surname Kielmayer is highly uncommon in many countries outside of Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. According to data gathered from the census, Kielmayer is most commonly found in Austria, where over 4,000 people currently have the surname. It is also present in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where around 1,850 and 845 people, respectively, are estimated to have it.

Germany has the next highest population of Kielmayers, but still under 500 people. It is primarily found in the southwestern Baden-Wurttemberg region, near the border to France and Switzerland. Other countries where the surname is present in small numbers include Hungary, Poland, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Calabrian region in Italy has a particularly high concentration of Kielmayers, however the surname is rarely found outside of the region. In Brazil, the surname is most predominately found in Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina states.

In recent years, the Kielmayer surname has been showing up more in areas outside of its typical geographic spread, as it continues to spread across the world.

Variations of the surname Kielmayer

The surname Kielmayer is derived from the Old German name Kiel, which was originally used as a nickname for someone who was from the area of Kiel, Germany. The variants of Kielmayer include Kielmeyer, Kielmair, and Kielmayr. Spellings of the surname have varied over the centuries, from Kilemayer, Kynamayer, and Kiledmayer, to Kielmair, Kyelmayer, and Kielmeyer.

Throughout Europe, the Kielmayer surname has been common. In France, it is spelled Quelmaire or Quelmiere. In Poland, it is spelled Kielmierczak. In Scandinavia, Kielmayer can be spelled Kielmae, Kielmaa, Kjelmaa, Kjellma, and Kjelme.

The Kielmayer surname is generally considered to be a patronym, meaning that it is derived from the given name of one's father or ancestor. Variants such as Kielmaier (son of Kiel) originated in the Middle Ages as a way to distinguish between two people who shared the same given name. In modern times, the surname can have different spellings depending on the country in which it is used.

In the United States, Kielmayer is sometimes used as an Americanized version of the surname. In many cases, the surnames Kuehlmeyer, Kurzmeyer, and Lazarz have also been anglicized from the Kielmayer name. Additionally, some branches of the Kielmayer family have adopted new surnames over the centuries, such as Keller, Kleier, Kimmel, Kieler, Klee, and Kleemeyer.

Famous people with the name Kielmayer

  • Otto Kielmayer (1871–1944), Austrian mathematician and monumental sculptor
  • Erwin Kielmayer (1917–1993), Austrian composer and lyricist
  • Josef Kielmayer (1853–1940), Austrian mathematician and physicist
  • Ludwig Kielmayer (1802–1876), Austro-Hungarian jurist and statesman
  • Henri Kielmayer (1910–2002), Austrian-American artist and sculptor
  • Otto Kielmayer Jr. (1919–1997), Austro-Hungarian sculptor
  • Camille Kielmayer (1844–1912), Austro-Hungarian artist
  • Lothar Kielmayer (1847–1904), Austro-Hungarian painter
  • Karl Kielmayer (1868–1931), Austro-Hungarian painter
  • Victor Kielmayer (1886–1970), Austro-Hungarian artist, sculptor, and art teacher

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