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Surname Kielsmeier - Meaning and Origin

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Kielsmeier: What does the surname Kielsmeier mean?

The last name Kielsmeier is believed to have originated from the Low Countries, a region which encompasses modern day Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. It can be translated as “keel-smith” in modern German, which means “a smith or blacksmith who builds or repairs boat hulls”. In Old German, the name was Kilsmeer, which would have further evolved to Kielmeier and then Kielsmeier as the language evolved over time.

The original Germanic tribes who lived in this region often lived near and worked the rivers and waterways. Over centuries, these tribes would have developed a host of specialized disciplines -- such as boat-building -- which is where the surname Kielsmeier could have possibly originated. This is by no means certain, though, and there could be other explanations.

The use of surnames for Germans is known to have begun in the late 12th to early 13th centuries, when servants began to adopt the surnames of their masters as a way of displaying loyalty. Therefore, it is likely that the surname Kielsmeier developed during this time as a way to indicate a specific trade.

Kielsmeier has spread all over the world now. It is known to exist in Austria, Germany, France, and across the US. The US Census even lists about 1000 Kielsmeier households in 2010, so the name has certainly grown in popularity since it first appeared many centuries ago.

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Kielsmeier: Where does the name Kielsmeier come from?

The last name Kielsmeier is not particularly common throughout the world today, but it is most prevalent in midwestern and western Germany, particularly in and around the cities of Berlin, Bavaria, and Saxony. The name is often associated with the Agnesian Riemsdorf, a region near Berlin. Research suggests that the Kielsmeier family most likely hails from this area of Germany, although no proof exists as to when the family immigrated to the region.

In Germany today, approximately 900 people carry the surname Kielsmeier. While not overly common, it is much more prevalent in some areas than others. For instance, approximately one out of every 270 individuals living in the area surrounding Bochum and Dortmund in western Germany have the surname.

It is interesting to note that the exact origin of the name is actually uncertain. There is some speculation that it may have stemmed from either a diminutive form of the Germanic word “kielen”, meaning “to form into a shape”, or possibly from an old Dutch word meaning “to strike or tangle”.

Today, the name Kielsmeier is most commonly associated with Germany, although since its introduction approximately 400 years ago, bearers of the surname have spread out to other parts of the world. Small populations of Kielsmeiers can also be found in areas such as Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Variations of the surname Kielsmeier

Kielsmeier is a surname of German origin. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Keltsmeier, Kiltsmeier, Killmeier, Kiltmeier, and Kelssmeier.

Keltsmeier is a variation of the name formed from using German elements of “Kelts” (meaning ‘clan’) and “Meier,” a designation for a mayor or other landowner. This variant can also be seen as Keltzmeier, Kilzmeier, and Keltmeier.

Kiltsmeier is a variation of the name formed from the German elements of “Kilts” (meaning ‘lineage’) and “Meier.” Variations of this spelling include Kilzmeier, Keltzmeier, and Kiltzmeier.

Killmeier is a surname of German origin, formed from the elements of “Kil” (meaning ‘channel’) and “Meier.” Variations of this spelling include Killmeir, Killemier, and Killmer.

Kiltmeier is a variation of the name, derived from the German elements of “Kilt” (meaning ‘rock’) and “Meier.” Other forms of this spelling include Keltmeier, Kilzmeier, and Kiltzmeier.

Kelssmeier is a variation of the name formed using the German elements of “Kelss” (meaning ‘bridge’) and “Meier.” Variations of this spelling include Kelsmeier, Kelissemeier, and Kelssmeyer.

In conclusion, there are several possible variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Kielsmeier. These include Keltsmeier, Kiltsmeier, Killmeier, Kiltmeier, and Kelssmeier.

Famous people with the name Kielsmeier

  • Tim Kielsmeier: professional golfer from the United States.
  • Dr. Jennifer Kielsmeier: physician, author, and a leader in the study of interventional cardiology, women's heart health, and cardiovascular health for women.
  • Ryan Kielsmeier: American entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Sarah Kielsmeier: a three-time Paralympic medalist in wheelchair basketball from the United States.
  • Barbara Kielsmeier: German artist and sculptor.
  • Mark Kielsmeier: American aerospace engineer and former NASA astronaut.
  • Leif Kielsmeier: Norwegian-born artist and writer living in the United States.
  • Bill Kielsmeier: former Major League Baseball player.
  • Richard Kielsmeier: American professional stock car racing driver.
  • Patrick Kielsmeier: American professional basketball player.
  • Robert Kielsmeier: American sculptor, painter, and filmmaker.
  • Ken Kielsmeier: former American ice hockey player.
  • Christine Kielsmeier: American figure skater and two-time Olympic medalist.
  • Nicole Kielsmeier: German volleyball player.
  • Maria Kielsmeier: German poet and singer-songwriter.

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