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Surname Ullom - Meaning and Origin

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Ullom: What does the surname Ullom mean?

The last name Ullom is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the term for a "wolf." The surname likely originated in northern England and was most likely taken on by those who lived in the Wolfram Valley region. This region of England is known for its copious wolf population.

The name Ullom has a long and ancient history. It appears in records from the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain and may even date back to the pre-Roman era when wolves were an integral part of the British Isles’ wildlife population. The ancient Anglo-Saxon individuals who eventually took up the surname adapted it to their unique environment and needs.

In contemporary times, the surname Ullom still maintains its connection to the wolf and represents a family that is proud of their old and noble surname. The wolf symbolism of the surname frequently appears in various forms on family crests, heraldry, and family mottos. It is believed that the surname Ullom usually implies respect for strength, courage and a zest for life.

The surname Ullom has a powerful and distinguished history. In spite of contemporary changes, the name still has a strong presence today and alludes to an ancient and noble past.

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Ullom: Where does the name Ullom come from?

The surname Ullom is most commonly found in the United States of America today. This surname is of English origin, and records of it being taken to America can be traced back to the early 1700s, when many English settlers crossed the Atlantic.

Ullom is the 17,097th most common name in the United States. It is most popular in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and North Carolina, although the surname has also spread to other states in the USA since its introduction.

Today, Ullom is most commonly found among people with German, English, Irish, and Swedish ancestry. It is especially common amongst those whose ancestors lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia. This could be attributed to the fact that these were the states where many of the English immigrants settled after they arrived in America.

Ullom can also be found in other countries around the world, including Canada, England, Australia, and France, although it is most common amongst Americans. It is likely that the original migrants from England spread this name to other countries as they travelled, or as their descendants spread out around the world.

Variations of the surname Ullom

The surname Ullom is believed to have two distinct origins: the Old English and the Germanic. In Old English, the name was derived from the word “ul”, which means “wolf”, and “ham”, which means “home”, and literally means “the wolf’s home”. The Germanic version of the name is derived from the word “ul”, which meant “heroic”, and “helm”, which meant “protection”, and literally means “heroic protection”.

Variant spellings of the surname Ullom include: Ulum, Ulom, Ullumm, Ullam, Ullamme, Ullim, Ullamme, and Ulomme.

Surnames of the same origin include: Ullmers, Ullman, Ullmann, Ullmann, Ullmar, Ullmer, Ullmann, Ulllman, Ullmman, Ullmmer, Ullmon, Ullmun, Ullum, Ullun, and Ullon.

It is also possible for a variety of surnames derived from the same source to be pronounced differently. For example, the Germanic version of the name could be pronounced as Ulm, and Ullon could be pronounced as Uhlm.

The many variations of the Ullom surname highlight the diverse origins of the name and how it has shifted over time. It is also interesting to note that the name has had hundreds of years of spelling variations over time, and that many variations were only subtly different from each other. All of these variant spellings and surnames share a common etymology and embody the same heroic spirit.

Famous people with the name Ullom

  • Allen Ullom, an American film editor
  • Les Ullom, an American actor
  • Hunter Ullom, an American film and television producer
  • Brad Ullom, an American Major League Baseball player
  • Axie Ullom, an American musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and artist
  • Don Ullom, an American Major League Baseball player
  • Erick Ullom, an American college baseball coach
  • Lester Ullom, a former politician in British Columbia, Canada
  • Maurice Ullom, an American Major League Baseball player
  • Milos Ullom, an American professional golfer
  • Rebecca Ullom, an American philosopher
  • Ron Ullom, an American disc jockey, music director, producer, and radio personality
  • Samuel Ullom, an American Congressman
  • Sherri Ullom, an American voice actress
  • Trudy Ullom, an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist

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