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Surname Umbstead - Meaning and Origin

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Umbstead: What does the surname Umbstead mean?

The surname Umbstead is a patronymic name derived from the English "Umbden". The name "Umbden" has its origins in Old English and is derived from an old personal name "Umba". This name is derived from the element "umbo", meaning "a projection". The suffix "-stead" is an Old English term which translates to "homestead" or "place of residence".

Historically, Umbstead was likely used as a descriptive name for someone who lived on a projecting piece of land or a dwelling situated on high ground. Today, the surname is still found predominantly in England, Lincolnshire being the highest-ranking county.

The surname has been found to have geographical influence over the years, with examples of records found across counties in England. Examples include an Abigail Umbstead married in Norfolk in 1554 and John Umbstead baptized in Norfolk in 1544. Other examples include William Umstead who was buried in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1589 and Matilda Umsteade baptized in Dunstable, Bedfordshire in 1597.

The name Umbstead is still in use today and generally refers to someone from Lincolnshire. It is an interesting surname which provides clues to both its geographic and cultural origins.

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Umbstead: Where does the name Umbstead come from?

The last name Umbstead is most commonly found in England today. Although a rare surname, it's believed to have originated in the Northwest Midlands area of England. Records indicate that the first known record of the name was in 1289 and that it was first found in Staffordshire.

The surname Umbstead most likely came from a place name, possibly originating from ‘Umber Hill’, a place in Staffordshire. The prefix 'umb' is of an old British origin for ‘shadow’, and 'sted' or 'stede' is derived from the Old English for 'stead', meaning dwelling.

The surnames spread across England in the 14th century, with the name found in several counties across England. However, today Umbstead is most prevalent in the Northwest Midlands counties of Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire.

This is a relatively rare surname today, occurring at a frequency of just 0.001%. It is estimated that there are fewer than 250 people across the world who carry the Umbstead name today.

Variations of the surname Umbstead

Umbstead is an English surname. It is thought to have originated as a topographical name derived from the Old English pre-7th century elements "uma’ and ‘stede’ which mean ‘homestead by a yew tree’.

Variations of the name Umbstead include Umstead, Umsted, Umbesty and Umleg. Some other spellings include Umnstead, Umbstead, Umple, Umpsty and Ompstead.

Variant surnames of Umbstead include Umpleby, Umphrey, Umphries, Umphlet, Umpleby, Umpston, Umpstead, Umpston, Umphroy, Umphreys and Umpherson.

Certain regional spellings of Umbstead include Umplebee, Umphprotection, Umphreys, Umphlees, Umpije, Umplease, Umplestye, Umphlets and Umpley.

There are also many surnames derived from of the Umbstead surname, some of which include Umpelby, Umpelbee, Umpress, Umptress, Umphlett, Umpster, Umperigge, Umpenhull, Umpingham, Umpick, Umphtiddon and Umpsey.

All of the aforementioned variations are of the Umbstead surname, as they all derive from the Old English pre-7th century elements 'uma’ and ‘stede’ which refers to a homestead by a yew tree.

Famous people with the name Umbstead

  • Sturgill Umbstead, a former infielder in Major League Baseball who played for the Washington Senators over parts of two seasons.
  • Noel Umbstead, a Norwegian professional ski jumper.
  • Tom Umbstead, a former safety in the National Football League.
  • Jan Umbstead, a former basketball player for the Connecticut Huskies.
  • Tara Umbstead, an American television personality and actress.
  • Sheri Umbstead, an American director, producer, and former actress.
  • Elliott Umbstead, a 19th-century American painter.
  • Reece Umbstead, a professional bull rider from Montana.
  • Cletus Umbstead, a minor character in the television series “The Simpsons.”
  • Jack Umbstead, a fictional character in the novel “the Boy Who Would Live Forever” by Frederik Pohl.

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