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The Flory Surname Project


Welcome researchers, this is the place to correctly identify the lines of the variations of the Flora, Flory name. It just takes a few minutes of your time to take the test. It then is sent to the lab and the results are matched against the rest to see if we are related or shared a common ancestor. I feel this is the easiest way to identify lines, and put us in touch with the correct researchers and fill in the blanks and knock down the brick walls as they are called. If each line of the groups would pool their money and even have just one male descendent tested, it would give the rest someone to match up to. Please join and give all the family historians a chance to correctly find their heritage.



Other surnames in Project

Fhlori, Flora, Florah, Flore, Florea, Florey, Flori, florig, Floro, Florry, Flory, Floura, Flowrah, Fluery, Flury, Forry, Furry

Join the Flory surname project

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