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The FORTNEY/FORTNA Surname Project


FORTNEY/FORTNA/FURTNEY/FORDNEY males are invited to join to determine the FORTINEUX haplotype and discover how the various families interconnect.In 1988, the Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. published The Fortineux-Fortinet Family in America. The research for this book established Jonas Fortineux (d 1702/09 probably Otterberg, Germany)and Sara Menton (d 1715 Otterberg) as the ancestors of almost all persons with the surnames Fortney, Fortna, Furtney or Fordney in the US and Canada. The purpose of the Fortineux Surname DNA Study is as follows:- to use Y-chromosome DNA to determine the origins of Jonas Fortinuex- to connect branches of the family for which the paper trail is either weak or not yet established. For example, the family of John S. Fordney (1805 PA - 1877 MI), ancestor of Senator Joseph Warren Fortney, can benefit from this study.



Other surnames in Project

Fordney, Fortineux, Fortna, Fortney, Furtney, however, Metaphone FRTN, Soundex F635, Steffani, Steffany

Join the FORTNEY/FORTNA surname project

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