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Surname Amar - Meaning and Origin

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Amar: What does the surname Amar mean?

The surname Amar is derived from Arabic, Hebrew, African, and Indian cultures, and in many languages, it translates to "to build", "to command", or "to love". In Arabic, it primarily means "long life" or "builder". In Hebrew, Amar means "one who talks eloquently" or "an eloquent speaker". Additionally, in the African culture, Amar means "grace" or "mercy". However, the spelling and pronunciation can change from one region to another. It's a unisex name used by both males and females. The surname is found in different communities and religions around the world especially among Jews, Muslims, and Christians, suggesting a rich multicultural and multilingual background. In India, Amar is a popular first name, especially among Hindus, meaning "immortal". Remember that the meaning of a name can change based on culture and geographical location.

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Amar: Where does the name Amar come from?

The surname Amar is of multiple origins; it can be traced back to Spanish, Portuguese, French, North Indian, Jewish, and Arabic cultures. In Spanish and Portuguese, Amar means 'to love'. In Indian culture, the name Amar belongs to the Kshatriya, traditionally connected with the duty of rulers and warriors. In Arabic, Amar means 'long life'. It's also found among Sephardic Jews, possibly deriving from a Hebrew word "Amir" meaning "authoritative" or "powerful".

Today, it is a common last name in many countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Algeria, Israel, and in other Middle Eastern and North African countries. In Western countries like the United States, Canada, and countries in Europe, it's also used but is less common. The name's prevalence and distribution vary greatly, being more recognized and prevalent in regions with substantial populations of the cultures from which it originated. However, due to global migrations, this surname can now be found in many parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Amar

The surname Amar is widespread and has roots in several cultures, including Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Jewish, and Indian, resulting in various spellings and derivations.

Variants associated with the Spanish and Portuguese origins include Amaro and Amador. In Arabic, its common variants are Ammar and Amr. The French variation of it is L’amar. The Hebrew or Jewish variants may include Amaran and Amaral, with Amaral also being present in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Among prevalent spelling variations are Amarr, Aamar, Amarre, and Amarru. Amar can also be a part of compound surnames, such as Amar-Dahl, Amar-Diwan, and Amar-Singh frequently found in western countries and India respectively.

In North Indian and Pakistani cultures, the surname may also be connected with the Arora community due to phonetic similarities.

Given the vast geographical spread and language variations, it's possible for Amar to have additional variants and spellings, as well as being part of longer surnames across different languages and regions.

Famous people with the name Amar

  • Arno Amar: A French ophthalmologist known for his work in refractive surgery.
  • Daliah Ammar: A visual artist from Palestine.
  • Sheldon Amar: An American entrepreneur.
  • Shimon Amar: An American-Israeli entrepreneur.
  • Tami Amar: An actress known for her work on Pretty Little Liars.
  • Joseph Amar: A Tunisian scholar and translator.
  • David Amar: A Moroccan businessman and a former senator.
  • John Amar: An American politician who served as Louisiana State Senator.
  • Norberto Amar: An Argentinian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.
  • Irene Amar: An international business consultant from Spain.
  • Jean-Pierre Amar: A known French computer scientist.
  • Yadriel Amar: A professional baseball player from Puerto Rico.
  • Jass Amar: A well-known Indian Punjabi singer.
  • Laurent Amar: A French entrepreneur who founded Nexway.
  • Sylvie Amar: A French designer who specializes in the culinary and beverage sector. Though Amar is not a very common surname, these are some notable people with it from a wide range of fields.

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