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Surname Flood - Meaning and Origin

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Flood: What does the surname Flood mean?

The last name Flood is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "Flaithbheartach", which means "princely" or "ruler". The name was often Anglicized as "Floody" or "O'Floody", and over time, was shortened to "Flood". Demand for simpler, more recognizable names led to an Anglicization of many Irish surnames, especially during the time when Ireland was under British rule. Therefore, someone with the last name Flood likely has Irish ancestry. In the Irish tradition, the name may indicate a family that once had a chieftain or ruler among its members. As with many surnames, geographical distribution of the surname is mainly concentrated in the homeland of its origin, in this case, Ireland, especially in counties Cavan and Monaghan. It is also common among the Irish diaspora in other parts of the world, particularly the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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Flood: Where does the name Flood come from?

The last name Flood is of Irish origin, deriving from the Old Gaelic name "O'Maoltuile," which means "descendant of the devotee of Tully." Over time, the name was anglicized to Flood, with its variations including Floud, Floyd, and other forms. In the earliest times, the family holding the Flood surname was found in counties Leix and Offaly, where it held a family seat from old times.

Nowadays, this surname is prevalent in Ireland, the United States, England, and Australia. In Ireland, it is still predominantly found in its place of origin, Leix and Offaly. In the United States, individuals with the Flood surname are mainly found in New York, followed by California and Pennsylvania. The popularity of the name in these regions is likely due to patterns of Irish emigration throughout history, as families left Ireland due to issues like poverty and political oppression.

Variations of the surname Flood

The surname Flood is most commonly associated with Irish origin, stemming from the Gaelic name "O'Maoltuile" or "Maoltuile." However, over time, numerous variations and phonetic spellings of this surname have emerged. Variants of the name include Fludd, Flude, and Floyd, particularly popular in Wales, reflecting the phonetic spelling of the Gaelic term.

Further, in certain parts of Ireland, especially in County Roscommon, the Flood surname was Anglicized as Twaddle or Thoddle from the Gaelic ‘Tuile’.

As these names traveled to other lands, they adapted to local languages and dialects. For instance, in Germany, the variant "Flut" is encountered, whereas, in French-speaking regions, "Flode" appears.

Moreover, alternate spellings may also include double letters or additional suffixes, like "Floodd" or "Floodman".

In terms of associated surnames, some common ones are O’Flood, Floud, Floode, O’Floode, and Floodman. O’Flood is seen derivated from Irish O’Maoltuile where ‘O' stands for the descendant of Maoltuile.

Despite these many variations, the fundamental meaning of the name — relating to "a devotee of the will of God" in its Irish origin — remains relatively unchanged. Ultimately, the variations are shaped by geographic location, historical context, and pronunciation adaptations.

Famous people with the name Flood

  • Mark Flood: An Irish professional hockey player.
  • Francis J. Flood: An Irish Fianna Fáil politician and builder.
  • Pádraig Tóibín Flood: An Irish Landscape and cityscape artist.
  • Curtis Flood: A former professional baseball player and activist.
  • W. H. Grattan Flood: An Irish author, musicologist, and historian.
  • Joe Flood: An American blues musician and songwriter.
  • Danny Flood: An American entrepreneur and author.
  • Edwin Flood: A former Canadian politician.
  • Scott Flood: A renowned American screenwriter.
  • Mike Flood (Nebraska politician): A member of the Nebraska Legislature.
  • Ed Flood: An American artist, a pioneer of the Afrofuturist aesthetic.
  • Daniel J. Flood: A former American politician, veteran, and attorney.
  • Mike Flood (British politician): A British trade unionist, community activist and politician.
  • Gertrude Flood: An Irish actress known for her roles in plays and films.
  • Justin Flood: An American photographer.
  • Mike Flood: An American Footballer.
  • Anne Flood: An Australian television actress.
  • Tony Flood: English footballer.
  • Colin Flood: A Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Robert Flood: A British economist.
  • Kitty Flood: An Irish camogie player.

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