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Surname Foscue - Meaning and Origin

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Foscue: What does the surname Foscue mean?

The last name Foscue is of French origin. It is believed to be a variant of the name Fourcault, derived from the Old French term "fourquau" which simply translates to "fork". The term could also be related to the French word "fourchette" which refers to a fork as a tool, but it is not certain.

As a surname, Foscue likely referred to someone who worked with or sold forks as a profession, making it a very specialized and unique surname. It was likely brought to England with the Norman invasion and then found its way to colonial America several centuries later.

Today, the last name Foscue can still be found in the United States, primarily along the Eastern Seaboard. It is also somewhat common in Canada, particularly in Alberta and Ontario.

The Foscue surname is still used today, often by direct descendants of those who first employed the surname centuries ago. It is a unique and historic name which continues to be passed down through generations of families.

Foscue: Where does the name Foscue come from?

The last name Foscue is most common in the United States today and is likely to be a combination of English, French, and German roots. It is particularly found in the south and east of the United States. In recent times, it is most strongly represented in Mississippi, where it is the 524th most common surname. In this state the name has developed various alternative spelling variants, including Foskey, Foskett, Fosque, and Fosque.

The surname also can be found in considerable numbers throughout North Carolina, ranking as the 1018th most common name here. The largest concentration of the name is in Greenville, the 10th largest city in this state. It is also found in other states in the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. Elsewhere including in Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America the name is likely to be of recent immigration.

In the UK, Denmark, and France the name has been adopted by some recent migrants, so it is possible to find Foscue individuals in all of these countries today. The surname has also been adopted by some recent migrants from these European countries further afield.

Overall, the last name Foscue is most commonly found in the United States today, particularly in the south and east of the country, but is also in evidence elsewhere.

Variations of the surname Foscue

The surname Foscue has a number of common variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Examples of spelling variants of Foscue include Foskey, Fosque, Foasky, Fosque, Fauxky, Foskue and Frasky.

Variants of the Foscue surname are also found in other languages, such as French (Fosque) and Spanish (Fosco). The surname Foscue is also related to the French name Fossey, which has variations such as Fosseye and Fosseau.

In the United Kingdom, the surname Foscue is related to the surnames Foss, Fosse, Foss 1414, Foxe, Fox and Fuller. In Scotland, the surname Foscue has variations such as Fuseau, Fosseau and Fossel.

The surname Foscue is also found in Ireland, where variations of the surname include Foushee and Fosgy. Another variation of the Foscue surname is Fosky, which is commonly found in Germany and Poland.

The Americanized versions of the Foscue surname include Fosky, Fossie, Fosco, Fosse, Fossely, Fossey, Foskey, and Fauksy. Other spellings used by immigrants to the United States from foreign countries include Fascue, Faskue, Fasky, Foski and Fonsky.

Famous people with the name Foscue

  • Elizabeth Foscue: American politician and member of the Delaware House of Representatives.
  • Robert Foscue: American Protestant bishop and leader in the Protestant Episcopal Church.
  • William Foscue: American politician and lawyer who was a member of the United States House of Representatives for North Carolina while also serving as the Speaker of the House of Commons.
  • Mark Foscue: American professional basketball player who played in the NBA from 1988-1999.
  • Marcus Foscue: American soccer player and academy director for Atlanta United Football Club.
  • Larry Foscue: American college football coach and the current head coach at Southern Mississippi.
  • Creighton Foscue: American attorney and two-time mayor of Richmond, Virginia.
  • Frank Foscue: American dramatist and actor.
  • Louis D. Foscue: American naval officer who was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy.
  • Wally Foscue: American football executive and former head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

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