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Surname Schopf - Meaning and Origin

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Discovering Ancestral Roots: A Journey through DNA with the Schopf Lineage

A journey of self-discovery using iGENEA DNA test provided unexpected insights into the lineage of the Schopf ancestors. Revealed were links to Swiss Celtic communities, offering a different perspective on personal traits, contributing to a deeper understanding of self.

U. Schopf

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Schopf: What does the surname Schopf mean?

The last name Schopf is of German and Jewish origin and is typically found among people of Ashkenazic descent. It comes from the German word “schopf”, which means a “pile” or a “sheaf” of grain. It was likely an occupational name for someone who worked in the farming or milling trade, either as a scythe man, presiding over the threshing of the grain, or as a miller who was responsible for grinding and storing the grain.

Alternatively, it may have been an ethnic name for someone of Jewish descent, as suggested by its prevalence among Ashkenazic Jews. The name is also found in various translation variants, such as the German “Schopfe”, the Polish “Szopek”, and the Czech “Šup”.

In other words, the last name Schopf suggesting a link to some kind of work related to grains, from harvesting and threshing grain to grinding and storing it. Its use by Ashkenazic Jews may also indicate an ethnic origin for the name. Whatever the origin may be, Schopf is an interesting and unique last name with a history worth exploring.

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Schopf: Where does the name Schopf come from?

The last name Schopf is a common name today in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is also found in countries that have heavy German-speaking populations, such as the United States, Canada, and South America.

In Germany, Schopf is the 178th most common surname, and it ranks 1,440th in Austria. In Switzerland, more than 3,000 people have the Schopf surname. Schopf is also found in Jewish communities throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia, although it is far less common in these areas than in German-speaking countries.

In the United States, the last name Schopf ranks as the 2,945th most popular surname. It is most common in the Midwest, with the highest concentration in Ohio. Other states with a notable population of Schopfs include Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, and California.

In Canada, Schopf ranks 1,671st statistically, with the highest population located in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. Schopf is less common in Canada than it is in the United States.

In South America, Schopf is relatively rare but still present. Argentina, Brazil, and Chile are the countries with the most Schopf family members.

In all of these countries today, the Schopf surname is common enough that it can easily be found by those searching for their family history.

Variations of the surname Schopf

The surname Schopf is derived from the German language and can be spelled in a variety of ways, including Schopp, Schop, Schoppe, Schoppen and Schopfen. It is also used as a given name, often pronounced “shopp”.

Schopf is often found as a suffix to names in the German-speaking parts of Europe, indicating an occupation or family affiliation, such as the former Luxembourgian settlement Heinerschee-Schopf. It may also be found as a variant of the more common Schupp or Schuppe surname, which also originates from the German language.

Individuals with the surname Schopf have, over time, adopted a variety of surname spelling variations, including Scopp, Scoppe, Scopf, Schopp, Schoppe, Schopfen, Schopf, Schoppen, Shopp, Shoppe and Shoppen. In some cases, the name has also been anglicized to Shop or Shopp.

The earliest known example of the Schopf name occurs in 1294, when a Felizius Schopf is recorded as having lived in Bardelmonte, Germany. Through the centuries, individuals with the Schopf surname have been involved in a variety of professions, from church pastors to brewers.

In conclusion, the surname Schopf can be spelled in a variety of ways, and can also be used as a given name. Common spellings and surnames of the same origin include Schopp, Schop, Schoppe, Schoppen, Schopfen, Scopp, Scoppe, Scopf, Shopp, Shoppe and Shoppen. Common anglicized versions are Shop or Shopp.

Famous people with the name Schopf

  • Christopher Schopf, composer
  • John J. Schopf, professional football player
  • Carl Schopf, author
  • John Henry Schopf, American paleontologist and geologist
  • Steve Schopf, American sound engineer and post-production mixer
  • Gerhard Schopf, German politician
  • Carola Schopf, German politician
  • Sarah Schopf, Austrian artist and photographer
  • William Schopf, astronomer and historian
  • Hans A. Schopf, Slovenian chemist and physicist

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