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Surname Schöpf - Meaning and Origin

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Unraveling the Legacy of the Schöpf Name: A Deep Dive into My Family's DNA History with iGENEA

Embarking on a journey of familial discovery with iGENEA, I delved into my surname Schöpf's deep history, dating back to the Roman Empire. A comprehensive DNA analysis linked the name to various historical periods, tracing its geographical journey across Europe and unveiling the societal dynamics of my ancestors.

S. Schöpf

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Schöpf: What does the surname Schöpf mean?

The last name Schöpf is a German and Jewish surname. The literal translation of Schöpf is "scoop," and it is derived from the Middle High German word schopf.

The surname Schöpf was likely initially given as an occupational last name to those who worked as scoopers in various industries. These industries may have included tanning, metalworking, and brewing. As scoopers collected, shoveled, or transferred different materials, the people who hold this surname were given the last name Schöpf.

Today, Schöpf is generally used as a surname in Europe throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Denmark. It is still semi-common in these countries.

The coat of arms for the Schöpf family features a black shield with a gold journalist, which is Latin for scoop. This French field symbolizes the origin of the surname and its original occupation.

No matter where the Schöpf family may now live, its name is still a reminder of its interesting history and its original occupation in scooping.

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Schöpf: Where does the name Schöpf come from?

The last name Schöpf is a German and Austrian surname, and today is most commonly found in German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It first appeared as a habitational name from Schöpf, Lower Bavaria, a place formerly located near Munich and now part of the municipality of Haar.

It is believed to have originally derived from the German word for "to create or produce," though in some cases the name may be related to a similar term meaning "to scoop." As anthroponymic surnames, Schöpf and its variants are likely occupational, referring to makers of items such as dishes, bowls, mugs, and other related items.

Schöpf is also a common Jewish name, primarily because of an Ashkenazic Jewish custom of adding "schnapps" to the end of a first name to create a last name. This tradition was much more common in Germany than in other parts of Europe, so most German Jewish Schöpfs can trace their ancestry back to this.

Today, Schöpf can be found in many parts of the German-speaking world, but is most prevalent among German nationals, particularly those from Bavaria or who emigrated from there. The last name ranks as a top 500 name in both Austria and Germany, and is rising in popularity throughout Europe.

Variations of the surname Schöpf

The surname Schöpf can appear in multiple variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin depending on the language or region. In German, it can appear as Schoepf, Schöepf, Schöpff, Schoepff, Schöpfer, and Schoepfer. In Dutch, it can appear as Schoep and Schoepf. In German and Dutch, it can also appear as Schöpflin, Schoef, Schöf, Schopp, Schoepfel, and Schoepflein. In Czech, it can appear as Schöpfl. In Polish, it can appear as Szopf. In Slovenian, it can appear as Šopf. In Jewish lore, it can also appear as Shapira.

In Austria, the name Schöpf is derived from the Middle High German term schöf, meaning ladle or scoop. In Czechoslovakia and Slovakia, it may be derived from the verbs schupat or schopat, meaning to chop or scoop.

In the United States, the name Schöpf can be anglicized as Shopf or Shupf, and in Austria and Germany, the name Schöpf can appear as Shopf. In Israel and Central Europe, the German variant Schoef can appear as Sheps or Schepps.

In some countries, the variants and origin of theSchöpf surname may differ depending on the family's ancestry, regional origin, and language history. Thus, the spelling and surnames can vary significantly, so it is best to conduct research on a family's local language and culture to learn more about the original spelling and history of the surname Schöpf.

Famous people with the name Schöpf

  • Peter Schöpf: Austrian football manager and former midfielder
  • Walther Schöpf: Austrian politician and former Minister of National Defence
  • Robert Schöpf: Austrian fencing champion and the last holder of the title Ritter der Eisernen Hand
  • Ludwig Schöpf: Austrian composer and conductor
  • Adolf Schöpf: Austrian theatrical director, producer, author and actor
  • Marianne Schöpf: Austrian actress, director and singer
  • Johannes Schöpf: Austrian painter
  • Rudolf Schöpf: Austrian theologian and writer
  • Bernhard Schöpf: Austrian politician and Chief Whip
  • Elisabeth Schöpf-Stürzer: Austrian feminist and politician
  • Michael Schöpf: Austrian actor
  • Karin Schöpf-Neudorfer: Austrian freestyle swimmer
  • Rupert Schöpf: Austrian racing cyclist
  • Theo Schöpf: Austrian functionalist architect
  • Adrian Schöpf: Austrian footballer
  • Hans Schöpf: Austrian Olympian
  • Otto Schöpf: Austrian entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Gert Schöpf: Austrian record producer
  • Gottfried Schöpf: Austrian actor
  • Bruno Schöpf: Austrian footballer

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