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The Tyner Surname Project


We are looking for as many Tyner/Tiner males as possible who share in our desire to link up isolated clans that have common ancestory. Are the Ohio, New York, Canadian, Texas, North Carolina, Indiana Tyners related? From one Tyner Project participant (Ken, 11/3/2004) comes this newly unearthed revelation: Of the six DNA test results completed to date we find that two known cousins have descended from David Tyner of Ohio, two from Richard Tyner of Elbert County Ga, and two apparently of Sarah Tyner (Harris common DNA) So what is interesting to note is that preliminary results appear to indicate that Richard Tyner was not a descendent of Sarah Tyner. Therefore as it stands today, we have 3 distinct line of the Tyner family name. Those descended from Sarah, those descended from Richard, and those descended from David. Thanks Ken! So, folks, did your research hit the brick wall with Richard, David, Harris, Nicholas, William, Sarah, John or Dempsey? Join us and help your cousins take a brick out of the wall! Some results are already posted at: participants have much more information to share. Email: (Tyner Project Administrator), William (Bill) Tyner Added 6/29/06 You will see more variants of the name have been entered and if after testing these are found to be more appropriate to another surname, they may be transferred at their option. We have also updated the membership DNA list with known subgroups. Asst Admin Ken Tyner

Other surnames in Project

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