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Surname Buth - Meaning and Origin

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Buth: What does the surname Buth mean?

The last name Buth is of German origin and is a variant spelling of the surname Butz, which is derived from the word “butze” meaning “butterfly.” This suggests that the original bearer of the name had a personal connection or quality that was associated with the butterfly.

The surname Buth is likely to have been first used in the Middle Ages, when hereditary surnames were adopted as permanent family names. It was likely that the surname was given to someone who had an affinity for the butterfly, such as being a master of butterflies, an avid butterfly collector, or someone with a natural fondness for the species. Alternatively, it could have been given to a person as a nickname or intended as an endearing term of affection. In some cases, the surname was given to those who had a gentle nature, or who had butterfly-like movements.

In addition, it is possible that the surname originated as a reference to the type of occupation that a person had. For example, it might have been given to someone who was involved in the making of delicate items or was a skilled embroiderer.

In modern times, the last name Buth is found primarily in Germany, where it is still mainly concentrated in the region from which it originated. However, it is also present in several other countries, including the United States, where a variety of different spellings of the name are encountered.

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Buth: Where does the name Buth come from?

The last name Buth is a German surname, usually found in the northern and eastern parts of Germany, as well as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden). The surname is believed to have originated from the Middle Ages when some of the population was called "buten" or "bouten," referring to the local dialect for "to dwellers." This leads many to believe that the origin of the surname Buth was simply a location or point of origin.

Today, many people with the last name Buth still live in Europe, although there are also communities of Buths living across North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. The Buth presence in the United States is especially concentrated in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas, which have sizeable populations of people with German ancestry.

As for popularity, the last name Buth is not especially common, making up 0.002% of surnames across the world. This is notably fewer than the 0.445% of surnames that are German or Dutch-based (Weiss, Mueller, Schmitt, etc.). Nevertheless, the Buth last name is still a presence in many parts of the world, representing a proud German heritage everywhere from Germany itself to South America and the United States.

Variations of the surname Buth

The surname Buth is derived from the Germanic meaning “A boot” which is a protective item of foot wear. This surname has had many variations in spelling and different surnames with the same origin.

Variations of the Buth surname include:

Booth, Boote, Boothe, Booths, Bothe, Botts, de Boote, de Boothe, de Booths, De Boot, Bootts, Boot, Boothey, Bothe, Bootheyy, Boothee and Boothes.

These variants have simmilar origins and may be found in multiple variations of spelling due to the country of origin and the accent of the people naming the family.

In addition to the variants, the Buth surname can also be found in other surnames with similar origin such as:

Bout, Bouth, Buthe, Buote, Boute, Bouthe, Butte, Bote, Bouter, Button, Buttes, Buts, Buthman, Butts, Butten, Buttene, and Buttons.

The Buth surname is also found in other countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Scotland and England. There may be slight variations of spelling in some countries due to the local language, but the origin remains the same.

The Buth surname is quite common in Europe, Australia, North America, and South Africa. This surname has been found in records going back hundreds of years and is still widely used today.

No matter what spelling of Buth is used, all variations are linked to the same Germanic origin.

Famous people with the name Buth

  • Tartia Buth: Fashion Model
  • Sindy Buth: Social Media Influencer
  • Lucille Buth: Actress and Filmmaker
  • Tolga Buth: Musician and Producer
  • Ali Buth: Professional Soccer Player
  • Marni Buth: Olympic Silver Medalist
  • Shazam Buth: Professional Surfer
  • Klara Buth: Painter and Sculptor
  • Willy Buth: Disc Jockey and Club Promoter
  • Sidney Buth: Slam Poet and Visual Artist

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