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Surname Lamarre dit Turgeon - Meaning and Origin

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Lamarre dit Turgeon: What does the surname Lamarre dit Turgeon mean?

The surname Lamarre dit Turgeon is of French origin and often found in French-Canadian genealogy. It is a dit name, which were used in the period of New France (1608–1763) and are still in use today in French Canada. In French, 'dit' means 'said' which is often used to denote a nickname or a trait. Therefore, 'Lamarre dit Turgeon' means 'Lamarre said Turgeon'.

The name Lamarre comes from the Old French 'la marre', which means 'the pool' or 'pond'. The second part of the name, 'Turgeon', means a young crane or heron in Old French. 'Turgeon' might symbolize a physical or character trait. Therefore, 'Lamarre dit Turgeon' could suggest a family living near a pond and known for a trait similar to a young crane or heron – perhaps tall and thin, or maybe quiet and observant. But that is speculative. The exact reason for the addition of the dit name would be known only to the people who started using it.

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Lamarre dit Turgeon: Where does the name Lamarre dit Turgeon come from?

The last name Lamarre dit Turgeon can be found throughout Canada today. In particular, its origins trace back to the country of France, where it can be found throughout various regions such as Brittany.

Beyond France and Canada, people with this surname can also be found in the United States, most commonly in areas with strong numbers of Francophone populations, such as Louisiana, Maine and Michigan.

Since the early 1990s, the name Lamarre dit Turgeon has become increasingly common in Canada, particularly in the French-speaking provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. According to genealogical research, this surname is most predominant in the province of Quebec, where it can be found in all regions, especially in the Mauricie region.

The more common form, simply "Lamarre", is much more frequent than "Lamarre dit Turgeon". However, this distinction remains important because it is an indication of the origin of a particular branch of the family. In other words, people with the name Lamarre dit Turgeon are considered to be a distinct part of the larger Lamarre family tree.

Overall, the last name Lamarre dit Turgeon is today a very common name in French-speaking Canada, with large numbers of families who trace their origins back to a single ancestor in France. These families are now found in all provinces, although Quebec remains the stronghold of the name. Despite the fact that the distinction between Lamarre and Lamarre dit Turgeon is often overlooked, it remains an important indication of the origin of a certain branch of the family.

Variations of the surname Lamarre dit Turgeon

The surname Lamarre dit Turgeon is a French-Canadian name which is found in numerous locations worldwide and is often spelled differently, depending on the region. Likely originating as Lamarre, the name likely refers to the small commune in the Calvados department of Lower Normandy, but could refer to any number of other similar-sounding places.

In most instances, the surname Lamarre dit Turgeon is a combination of two different surnames, with Lamarre being the main surname and Turgeon the secondary or ‘dit’ part. As such, both variants are commonly found separately, appearing as Lamarre and Turgeon, or occasionally as a combination of the two, such as Lamarreturgeon.

The name can also appear in a variety of other forms and spellings. Probably the most common is Lamarre, which is also found as La Marre, LaMarre, LaMarse and other variant spellings. Turgeon often appears in its French variant spelling of Turgeon, but can also be found as Turgeonne, Thurgeon or Thurgeonne.

Other similar-sounding variants that could refer to the same origin include Laramare, Lamarche, Lamarque, Lamaure, LaMere, Lemare and Lemarre. In Quebec, the combination of Lamarre dit Turgeon is often found together, although these variants are somewhat less common elsewhere. Regardless of the spelling, all of these names are likely derived from the same French-Canadian origin.

Famous people with the name Lamarre dit Turgeon

  • Paul Turgeon-Lamarre- French physician and politician. He served as Minister of Education under Charles de Gaulle and was a major contributor to the French National Health Service.
  • Meaghan Turgeon-Lamarre- Canadian attorney and family law specialist.
  • Xavier Lamarre dit Turgeon- Former soccer player for the Montreal Impact and the Canadian National Soccer Team.
  • Paul-Émile Lamarre dit Turgeon- French Canadian military officer and adventurer. He briefly served on the Quebec Legislative Assembly in the 19th century.
  • Élisabeth Turgeon dit Lamarre- Canadian advocate of women's rights. She was a founding member of the National Council of Women in Canada and held various positions with the council.
  • Jules Turgeon-Lamarre- Canadian poet and playwright. He was an important figure during the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s and is one of the most translated Quebec authors.
  • Albert Turgeon-Lamarre- Canadian businessman and philanthropist. He contributed to the development of the Montreal Stock Exchange and held various civic positions.
  • Marie-Josephte Turgeon-Lamarre- Artist and illustrator. She was the first female to be formally accepted into the arts community in Quebec.
  • David Turgeon-Lamarre- Canadian journalist and television presenter. He was the longest-running foreign correspondent on the CBC’s The National.
  • Fabian Turgeon-Lamarre- Canadian politician. He served as a senator for Quebec from 1909 to 1940.

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