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Surname Lapeer - Meaning and Origin

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Lapeer: What does the surname Lapeer mean?

Lapeer is not a common last name and its exact etymology is difficult to trace. However, it may derive from French origins, considering that 'la pierre' translates to 'the stone' in French. Therefore, it might be a topographic surname for someone who lived near a notable stone or rock, or a metonymic occupational name for someone who worked with stone, such as a mason or stone cutter. There is also a city named Lapeer in the state of Michigan in the United States, and the name could have geographical relevance related to this location. Additionally, 'peer' could stem from a title of nobility used in various jurisdictions. It's also possible that variations of the surname could have morphed over time due to immigration and regional dialects. Nonetheless, the specific family history would shed more light on the precise meaning of this surname. It's always important to remember the variety of influences that can shape a surname's origin, including occupation, geography, father's name, or a personal characteristic.

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Lapeer: Where does the name Lapeer come from?

The last name Lapeer is most commonly found in Michigan, the United States, and Canada. It is particularly associated with the city of Lapeer in Michigan, which was established in 1833 and is the county seat of Lapeer County. The Lapeer County Historical Society suggests that the name may have been derived from the French term, la pierre, meaning "the stone".

In the United States, Lapeer is most common in Michigan, followed by Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Indiana. In Michigan, almost one-quarter of all last names with the spelling Lapeer are found in Lapeer County.

In Canada, the most common provinces for last names with the spelling Lapeer are Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta. The city of Lapeer, Ontario, is believed by some to have been named after the Lapeer County in Michigan, as one of the first settlers in this area originally hailed from Michigan.

The surname Lapeer is also found in some other countries, such as France, Germany, and Italy. In the UK, Lapeer is most associated with England and Wales. It is also a relatively popular last name in parts of Africa, India, and the Middle East.

Overall, the surname Lapeer is most strongly associated with its place of origin in Michigan. It is found throughout North America, as well as in several other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Lapeer

The surname Lapeer has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin depending on the language and country of origin. Lapeer is primarily a French surname, derived from the phrase "De la Pierre," which translates to "From the Rock." This phrase is thought to refer to a family originally from a village named La Pierre in the Lorraine region.

In France, the name Lapeer is still in use and might also be seen as La Pierre, Lapier, La Pierres, and Pierres. The families in France were believed to come from different regions, which might account for the various spellings of the surname.

In England, the name became Lapeer. It is also seen as Lapeyre, Lapper, La Per, Duper, and Peers.

In America, the Hereu de La Pierre, De La Pierre, Lapeer, Lapere, Lepers, and LePere families are all believed to have originally come from France.

In Germany, the name has been translated to people known as LaPierre, Per, Pete, Petra, Peter, and Petters.

The Dutch have variations of the name Lapeer such as La Pierre, Piere, Pier, Pird, and Piers.

The Polish variations are LaPierre, Pierz, Pierczyk, Pierzinka, and Piersak.

The names Lapeer, Lapier, LaPer, LePere, Lapere, Lepers, Per, Peers, Duper, Hereu de La Pierre, Peter, Petra, Piere, Pier, Petters, Pird, Pierczyk, Pierz, Pierzinka, and Piersak are all variants, spellings, and surnames of the same French origin.

Famous people with the name Lapeer

  • Wesley Lapeer: Actor, best known for his role as the screenwriter in the feature film "Piercing The Darkness"
  • Nick Lapeer: American contemporary artist painter, sculptor, and muralist based in Los Angeles
  • Richard Lapeer: English composer of symphonies
  • Brooke Lapeer: American singer-songwriter and producer from Denver, Colorado
  • Garett Lapeer: Professional race car driver from Michigan
  • John Lapeer: Professor of Music at the University of York in Yorkshire, England
  • David Lapeer: Businessman and entrepreneur from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • John Lapeer: Professional lacrosse player
  • Hunt Lapeer: Film director and producer best known for the movies "Intimacy" and "Open Water"
  • Sanford Lapeer: Entrepreneur and philanthropist in Massachusetts.

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