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Surname Le Savage - Meaning and Origin

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Le Savage: What does the surname Le Savage mean?

The surname Le Savage is of French origin and literally translates to "the savage" in English. However, the surname does not necessarily carry the modern, pejorative connotations of being uncontrolled or lacking human refinement. In its original context, "savage" more likely referred to someone living in a wild, undomesticated or uncultified area, essentially signifying a "woodsman" or "wild man." Thus, the surname could have been derived based on geographic location, lifestyle or occupation. In the Middle Ages, when the surname likely originated, families were often identified by their trade, location, or other distinguishing characteristics. So, a person named "Le Savage" could have been someone who lived in a remote or wild area, worked in the wilderness, or perhaps was robust or fierce in some way. Despite these potentials, the specific attribution of individual surname meanings can be challenging, as they can evolve over time and may have acquired different connotations across regions.

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Le Savage: Where does the name Le Savage come from?

The last name Le Savage is a relatively uncommon surname; however, it can be found across the world. The most common countries of origin for this name are France and England.

In France, Le Savage is primarily concentrated around parts of Normandy, particularly in the cities of Coutances, Caen, and Laval. Le Savage is also taken from the name given to a village in France known as La Sauvage, which is located in the Bas-Rhin department. Most of the people who bear this last name are descendants from the French immigrants who came to the United States in the early 1900s.

In England, Le Savage is mainly found in the Cornish area and Devon. The name was originally derived from the Cornish language and has developed over the centuries. It has also been found in the United States, with most of the instances located in Pennsylvania.

Outside of France and England, Le Savage is also common in the Caribbean Islands, as the French first settled in the Caribbean from the 16th to the 18th centuries. According to records, many of the people with this surname are from Haiti since the name has been adopted by immigrants from the island.

Overall, even though Le Savage is not the most common surname in any region, it can still be found across the world. It is rather diverse in its sources and has evolved with time and geographic movements.

Variations of the surname Le Savage

The surname Le Savage is derived from the Old French word “sauvage”, meaning “wild” or “uncivilized”. This surname originates from pre-medieval France and can be translated to mean “the wild man”.

Le Savage can be spelled a number of different ways. Variations on the name include Le Sauvage, De Savage, De Sauvage, Del Savage, Del Sauvage, Des Savage, Des Sauvage, Savage, Sauvage, and Savagio.

Other surnames can often be derived from the same root as Le Savage. Some variants of shared origin include Lesauve, de la Sauvagie, de la Sauvacht, de la Sauvagerie, de la Sauvagnette, de la Sauvace, de la Sauvageres, de la Sauvieres, Desauvage and Sauvages.

The meaning of monikers deriving from the word “sauvage” ultimately has the same meaning - wild or untamed. As such, the surname Le Savage has been embraced by various branches of the same family for many years, a testament to the family’s strength and given name.

Famous people with the name Le Savage

  • Dr. Milicent Le Savage, an American ophthalmologist
  • Barthélemy Le Savage, a 16th-century French poet and historian
  • Anna Le Savage, British child actress known for her role in the 2006 film "V for Vendetta"
  • Anthony Le Savage, a leading 20th century Australian political figure
  • Edward Le Savage, an American actor active between 1924 and 1933
  • Brad Le Savage, an Australian professional poker player
  • Elizabeth Le Savage, a 19th-century British stage actress
  • Francis Le Savage, a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Newark, New Jersey from 1898 to 1932
  • John Le Savage, an English antiquary and Shire Reeve of Surrey
  • D. M. Le Savage, a 19th century American poet and author of the 1888 poem "My Western Home"

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