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Surname Scholes - Meaning and Origin

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Scholes: What does the surname Scholes mean?

The surname Scholes originate from England. It is derived from the Old English word 'scoel', which means 'hall' or 'meeting place'. As such, Scholes is an area name, originally identifying people from the settlement or dwelling by the same name.

Scholes is primarily of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is by far the most common in England. It is particularly widespread in the Yorkshire area of northern England. It has also been common in Scotland for many centuries, where was originally spelt as Scougil or Skugel.

Another explanation for the surname is that it is a heresy of the Old English word "scahl", meaning "shallow", which was likely used to refer to shallow waterways.

The name Scholes is also very common among the Jewish people, where it is spelt differently. It is the barrister's equivalent of the nickname "Chaim". This has been used as a sign of hospitality to visitors.

The Scholes surname can be found in a variety of different spelling variations, such as Scholl, Scoles and Schoales.

Today, Scholes is still a popular family name around the world. All of the different branches of the Scholes family are united under a common surname. Whether it be distant relatives from their original place of residence, recent immigrants who have adopted the name while maintaining a connection to their cultural heritage, or those who have embraced the name as their own, all can be proud to carry the Scholes surname.

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Scholes: Where does the name Scholes come from?

The last name Scholes is a very popular surname, even today. It is believed to be of English origin, though there is some uncertainty as to its exact origin. The name is particularly common in areas of England such as Yorkshire and Lancashire, in which it is believed to have originated from the Anglo-Saxon period.

In recent years the popularity of the Scholes name has spread to other parts of the world. It is found in areas such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand, where immigration has led to an increased presence of the surname. In the United States in particular the Scholes name is common in states such as Texas, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

The Scholes name is particularly common in areas with large British populations. It is likely that the surname has been adopted as part of the shared culture and history between England and these countries. It has also been identified as a popular surname in areas which have historically held strong bonds with Britain, such as Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Overall, the Scholes name is a popular surname today and holds a strong presence in parts of the world, particularly places with a large British population. As more families migrate around the world it can be assumed that the Scholes name will continue to spread and be shared by generations to come.

Variations of the surname Scholes

The surname Scholes has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Scholes, Skulle, Skil, Skule, Shieles, Sholes, Schous, Schoules, Schule, Shoules, Schoeles, Scholle, Schuele, Schuley, and Schulze.

Scholes is a surname of multiple origins, including both English and German. In English, it is an habitational name derived from Scholes, a parish in the West Riding of Yorkshire. In German, it is derived from the Slavic name Skoła or a habitation in Bavaria named Schull.

The English variant is still relatively common in Northern England and is primarily associated with Yorkshire. It is derived from the Old Norse words “skóli”, meaning school, and “hóll”, meaning hill, combined at first to mean “school on the hill.” Its variants are primarily derivatives of these original words.

The German variant, Schulze, was much more widespread when it first came to German-speaking countries, so the variants associated with it have spread across Europe as time has gone on. The variants tend to have a slightly different spelling to the English variant as a result.

Overall, the surname Scholes is available in multiple forms both in England and abroad. It has numerous variants, spellings, and origins, meaning its expanded family tree can still be found today, making it possible for family historians to find the Scholes name in many forms and locations.

Famous people with the name Scholes

  • Paul Scholes: Former footballer who played for Premier League club Manchester United from 1993 to 2013. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of his generation.
  • Peter Scholes: British classical musician who, in 2005, became a professor at the Royal Northern College of Music.
  • Tony Scholes: Chief executive of Premier League club Stoke City.
  • Becky Scholes: British Olympic badminton player who competed in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • William Scholes: British journalist and commentator who has written for The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Spectator.
  • Edward Scholes: English landscape painter active in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
  • John Scholes- British academic and intelligence expert who has served in various roles in Her Majesty's government.
  • Robert Scholes: American literary critic and professor who has held positions at Stanford and Brown universities and is best known for his theories on narrative.
  • Hannah Scholes: English philanthropist and human rights activist.
  • Christopher Scholes: American inventor and typewriter manufacturer who is credited with inventing the QWERTY keyboard in 1868.

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