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The Shupe/Shoop/Shoup Surname Project


We encourage all spelling variations of the Shupe surname to join this DNA project. It is well known that the spelling for this surname changed over time, and we would be remiss to not include all spellings. Following is a list of known alternative spellings of the Shupe surname (and we are certain there are more): Shupe, Shoop, Shoup, Shoupe, Schupp, Shupp, Schup, Shope, Schopp, Shopp, Shouppe and Schoup Following is a list of known regions of the world that the ancestral ties to this family lived in (and we are certain there are more): Germany, Switzerland, California, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Virginia The immigration path for some in this family was from Germany to Pennsylvania and then on to Southwest Virginia, Southeast Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa and Utah. The purpose of this surname DNA project is to determine the existence of common ancestors among the various Shupe lines, along with their ethnic and geographic origins. The goal is to match all Shupe lines with documented Shupe families in order to confirm existing linkages between our Shupe ancestors as well as establish new, unknown linkages between our Shupe ancesors. A complete picture of the Shupe ancestral haplogroup would result. As this is a surname project, the main participants will be taking the Y-DNA test and must be males carrying or descending from the Shupe surname. The Y-DNA (Y-Chromosome) test, which is only found in males, is passed from father to son, and remains nearly unchanged through the generations. A male Shupe of today will carry an almost exact match of the Y-Chromosome his great-grandfather from many generations back carried. As such, by then comparing each participants genetic markers we can then determine if they share a common ancestor. Project participation is open to any direct paternal-line male Shupe/Shoop/Shoup descendant?i.e., a male whose last name is Shupe, Shoop, Shoup, Schupp (or any variation) or a male whose biological paternal-line ancestry goes back to a , Shoop, Shoup, Schupp (or any variation) but whose last name was changed at some point, such as due to adoption. However, even if you are not a direct paternal-line male Shupe/Shoop/Shoup/Schupp descendant, you can join the project by sponsoring the testing of a Shupe/Shoop/Shoup/Schupp male from your immediate or extended family, such as a brother, son, father, uncle, male cousin, distant male cousin, etc. The success of the project depends on getting as many Shupe/Shoop/Shoup/Schupp males tested as possible, so please help this effort by getting tested yourself or arranging for the testing of a Shupe/Shoop/Shoup/Schupp (or any variation) male in your family. Also, the deeper origins of the Shupe/Shoop/Shoup/Schupp paternal lines can be explored through Y-SNP testing. It is highly recommended that, at minimum, the Y-DNA37 test be ordered which will provide an adequate number of markers for genealogical purposes and for finding matches in the Family Tree DNA database. For even better testing resolution and better matching, the Y-DNA67 or Y-DNA111 tests can be ordered.



Other surnames in Project

Schopp, Schup, Schupp, Shoop, Shope, Shopp, Shoup, Shoupe, Shouppe and Schoup, Shupe, Shupp

Join the Shupe/Shoop/Shoup surname project

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