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Surname Kie - Meaning and Origin

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Kie: What does the surname Kie mean?

The last name Kie is derived from the old Dutch word ‘kie’ meaning ‘precious’ or ‘treasured’. It is found mainly in the Netherlands and parts of Belgium, where the family history dates back to the 11th century.

Kie is usually believed to have originated as a patronymic name, meaning a surname derived from a given name. The most popular known source of this name is from the Dutch personal name ‘Kie’, an old Dutch word meaning ‘wood’, hence the name Kie signifying ‘belonging to the wood’.

Early records of the family include Jan Kie, a cloth merchant from the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands who was active during the 15th century. There is also mention of another Kie family member, Joost Kie, known to have studied literature in the university of Heidelberg in the early 16th century.

Kie families of today are known to be mainly concentrated in the Netherlands and Belgium, found in various forms such as Kie, Kies, De Kie, and De Kies. It is also suggested that there are still some Kie families living in the Netherlands and Germany, even after two centuries.

The Kie name has no doubt been a part of European culture for many generations. Various members of the family throughout the centuries have been known for their creativity, entrepreneurship and perseverance. The meaning of the name has remained the same – treasured and beloved.

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Kie: Where does the name Kie come from?

The last name Kie is most commonly found in Germany today. This name is found in different areas of Germany, including Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hesse, Saxony, and the Rhineland. It is also found in many other European countries, including Austria, Norway, Denmark, and Belgium.

Kie is a German name, derived from the German word kie, which means “village” or “farmstead”. The name is most closely associated with locations where German immigrants settled centuries ago and still remain today.

The Kie family name, much like other European surnames, was generally derived from the family's occupation or home village. Kie is also an occupational name, with some members of the Kie family having been farmers or craftsmen in earlier centuries.

The Kie name is still very popular in Germany today. It is estimated that there are more than 30,000 Kie families in Germany. In addition to Germany, the name is also found in many parts of Europe and even in some parts of the United States.

In the United States, the Kie last name can be found in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio, among other states with high populations of German Americans. The name is also increasingly found in other countries around the world, such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and some countries in South America.

Variations of the surname Kie

The surname Kie is of German origins. It is a variant form of the name Kye, which is also of German origins. Other spellings and surnames derived from the original name Kie include Key, Kies, Kiesow, Kiehl, Keye, Kiel, Kyhl, Kihl, Kiels, Kyel, and Kehl.

The surname Kie is extremely rare and can be found in a few different parts of Germany. This surname was most commonly found in regions such as Northern Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), the northwestern German region of Rhineland-Palatinate, and in the states of Hesse and Saxony. The surname can also be found in some parts of Austria and the Netherlands.

The meaning of the surname Kie is thought to refer to someone who lives near a marsh or a person who came from a place known as Kie. Kie comes from the Old German word “kea”, which means “damp” or “wet.”

Other variants derived from the surname Kie include Kieler, Kieff, Kyew, and Kyer. This surname is often spelled different depending on which region it is found in. For example, in Austria and the Netherlands, the surname is often spelled Kiels, whereas in Germany it is more commonly spelled either Kie or Key.

The people who have this name, and its various variants, are thought to have strong ties to their Germanic roots.

Famous people with the name Kie

  • Michael Kie- Former Democratic Member of the Wyoming House of Representatives
  • Charles Kie- Retired professional basketball player
  • Mark Kie- Retired Australian football player
  • Ryan Kie- Former professional rugby league footballer
  • Joe Kie- British racing cyclist
  • Patrick Kie- Former professional ice hockey player
  • Scott Kie- Former Australian rules footballer
  • Bertell Kie- Retired American basketball player
  • Paul Kie- Retired German footballer
  • Vincent Kie- British playwright

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