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Surname Meek - Meaning and Origin

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Unraveling the Threads of my Heritage: The Impact of iGENEA DNA Test on my Understanding of the Surname 'Meek'

Embarking on a journey of ancestral discovery through an iGENEA DNA test has reshaped my perspective of my identity and heritage, intertwined with my surname 'Meek'.

Z. Meek

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Meek: What does the surname Meek mean?

The last name Meek has origins in both Scottish and English cultures. It is derived from the Middle English term "meke" or "mek", which means gentle or humble. This surname was often given as a nickname to individuals who were mild-mannered, humble, or timid. Over time, this nickname evolved into a surname, passed down through generations. It's also plausible that this surname was occupational, denoting a person who worked in a religious institution like a monastery, where qualities of gentleness and humility were highly valued. Some of the first public records of the surname Meek can be found in tax rolls in the United Kingdom dating back to the 13th century. As people with the surname Meek migrated, it spread globally and can now be found in numerous countries worldwide. Overall, the surname represents qualities of humility, meekness, and gentleness.

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Meek: Where does the name Meek come from?

The surname Meek has origins in both England and Scotland. In England, it derived from the Middle English word "meke" or "meek," often used as a nickname for a gentle or humble person. In Scotland, some believe it emerged as a derivative of the pre 7th century Old Norse personal name "Mikjáll", a form of Michael.

The earliest recorded spelling of the surname is shown to be Belenger Mek during the reign of King Henry III of England (1216-1272). However, in Scotland, the first recording of the family name was Jhone the Meik who was a tenant in Crehy, Stranaver in 1376, during the reign of King Robert II of Scotland (1371-1390).

Nowadays, the surname Meek is commonly found in English-speaking countries, particularly in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. According to the surname distribution data from Forebears, the surname is most prevalent in the United States, with the highest density in Scotland.

Variations of the surname Meek

The surname Meek has roots in English and Scottish history, deriving from the Old Norse word "mjukr" meaning ‘gentle’ or ‘meek’. Its origin can be traced back to the Middle English period during early Viking settlement in England. Different variations and spellings have emerged over time, including Meeks, Meeke, Meik, Miege, Meech, Mewks, and Meak. Some surnames that may have the same origin include Meachen, Meachem, and Meechan. Other variations include the Scottish variant Meikle, which stems from a northern Middle English word meaning 'large', but is often confused with Meek due to phonetic similarities.

Surnames can often change due to migration, localization, phonetic spelling, and translation into other languages. In this manner, many variants of the surname Meek have emerged over the centuries. It is also important to note that not all bearers of the surname may be related, as the name could have been adopted independently by different communities throughout history. It is thus always best to trace individual family histories to establish genealogical relationships.

Famous people with the name Meek

  • Nicki Minaj: American rapper, singer, and songwriter.
  • Robert Meek: British mathematical physicist and crystallographer.
  • Joanna Meek: English songwriter and singer.
  • Kate Meek: Canadian Paralympic swimmer.
  • Anthony Meek: English cricketer.
  • Paul Meek: British speedway rider.
  • Jim Meek: American photographer and artist.
  • Dalton Meek: American professional golfer.
  • Mosey Meek: English footballer.
  • Ryan Meek: Canadian actor.
  • Stephen Meek: American politician.
  • Joel Meek: American country music songwriter.
  • Rachel Meek: British snowboarder.
  • Dan Meek: American skier.
  • Rebecca Meek: Canadian basketball player.
  • Brent Meek: Canadian musician.
  • C. L. Meek: American paleontologist.
  • Trevor Meek: Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Shelley Meek: Australian Paralympic athlete.
  • Stuart Meek: Northern Irish footballer.

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