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Surname Tome - Meaning and Origin

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Tome: What does the surname Tome mean?

The surname Tome (or Tomes) is of Spanish origin, though there are versions of the name with different spellings in other countries such as Portugal, France and Romania. The name itself may have roots in the Latin ‘tomus', meaning ‘volume’, ‘book’ or ‘scroll’, implying an early ancestor who took their skills in writing and papermaking into their trade. Similarly, it could also be derived from the Hebrew ‘tam’ or ‘tom’, meaning ‘completeness’ or ‘perfection’, and reflecting the industrious and careful nature of the original family.

The first records of the surname Tome date back to 1213 in Galicia, Spain. It likely spread to other countries through emigration, and by the 19th Century, settlers carrying the name had arrived in the United States, particularly in areas of the Midwest such as Missouri, Wisconsin and Illinois.

The Tome surname has been borne by a diverse selection of notable individuals throughout history, including Manuel de Freitas Tome, a 19th century Portuguese painter and writer, and Vincent E. Tome, an American dentist and politician from Pennsylvania.

The Tomas family also had a branch in Galicia where the family held the status of hidalgo, a noble class of Spanish landowners that still survives today.

Today, the Tome surname is found all over the globe, indicating that it is still a relatively common family name, though its different spellings and variations make it difficult to accurately trace.

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Tome: Where does the name Tome come from?

The last name Tome is most commonly found in Portugal today, as it is one of the most common surnames in the country. It is also fairly common in the Spanish-speaking countries of Mexico, Venezuela, and Panama, as well as in the United States and Venezuela, although to a lesser extent. It is likely to have first spread from Portugal to Latin America through Spanish colonization.

The Portuguese name Tome comes from “tomar” – meaning “to take” – and was most likely used as a distinguishing nickname for someone who was a “taker” – either in the sense of a thief or someone known for making quick decisions. The historical records of the name suggests that it was quite popular in Portugal during the 16th and 17th centuries, and likely spread to other countries as the Portuguese Empire expanded.

In the United States, the last name Tome is often encountered in Texas, California, and New Mexico. These states have historically had high concentrations of Portuguese-American and Hispanic-American populations, making it more likely that the name has spread further in these regions than others.

In terms of surname rankings, Tome is ranked 14th in Portugal, 24th in Spain, 42nd in Brazil, and 46th in Mexico. Despite its origin, it seems to be most common in Portugal and its former colonies.

Variations of the surname Tome

The surname Tome is derived from the Latin word ‘tomeus’, meaning cutler or cutter. It was originally a profession name used to identify a maker or seller of knives, scissors, and other cutting instruments. This surname has many variants, spellings and derivatives, including: Tomei, Tomme, Tommee, Tommey, Taomey, Tomes, Tomesse, Toms, and Tomske.

Tomei is the Italian variant of the surname, being primarily found in central and northern Italy. Tomme is a variant mainly found in the German-speaking regions and the Netherlands, with Tommee and Tommey being used in the United Kingdom. Taomey is an anglicized version of the surname found in some parts of North America.

Tomes is the Spanish version of the surname, while Tomesse is a Dutch variant. Toms is the variant found in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, while Tomske is the surname found in Russia.

Variations of the surname Tome have also been found in countries such as France, Croatia, Serbia, Belgium and Hungary. Other derivative surnames include Tomko and Tompkins.

Famous people with the name Tome

  • Justin Tome: professional soccer player for USL Championship’s Loudoun United
  • Tony Tome: film producer, writer and actor
  • Alecs Tome: international news reporter
  • Francesca Tome: fashion designer
  • Francisco Tome: Colombian sculptor
  • Rafael Tome: professional volleyball player from Brazil
  • Mark Tome: award winning financial journalist
  • Manuela Tome: Spanish singer and songwriter
  • Pierre Tome: French social entrepreneur
  • Maria Tome: Portuguese politician

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